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Website Specific

  • Broken Link Report
    A short form for reporting broken links on pages within the DEQ Website.

  • Comment on Website
    A short form for providing constructive suggestions for improving the DEQ Website.

  • External Link Policy and Disclaimer
    Information on external links provided on this site, and a basic disclaimer.

  • Web Team
    If you are an employee of DEQ with a request to update or add information to the Website, or if you are from the genera public and have a question or suggestion or have found a broken link, use this address.

Department Information

  • About DEQ
    General information on DEQ as well as contact information, organizational charts, and our mission statements.

  • DEQ Addresses
    For the Department and Divisions.

  • DEQ Information
    Ask questions about any topic related to the Department of Environmental Quality and you will receive a response from an appropriate authority.

  • Email Alerts
    DEQ provides free Email notification of meetings, updates, and new information related to many of its programs, committees, and services.

  • Making Effective Public Comments to DEQ
    Different kinds of agency decisions call for different approaches for making effective comments.

  • Programs and Services
    A comprehensive alphabetized listing of DEQ's programs and services, with direct links.

Division Contacts