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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



A.D.: Anno Domini

a.m.: ante meridian (before noon)

A-GPS: Assisted Global Positioning System

A/C: Air Conditioning

AA: Atomic Adsorption

AAI: All Appropriate Inquiry

AAR: After-Action Review

AARST: American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

AAW: Adopt-a-Waterbody

ABA: Acid-Base Accounting

ABC: Association of Boards Certification

ABM: Absorbed Glass Mat

ABR: Annual Business Registration

AARST: American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

AC: Alternating Current

ac-ft: Acre Feet

ACAMS: Automatic Continuous Air Monitoring System

ACD: Acidity

ACL: Access Control List

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union

ACM: Asbestos Containing Material

ACT: Alternative Control Technique

AD&D: Accidental Death and Dismemberment

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

ADAC: Acid Deposition Technical Advisory Committee

ADC: Ambassador Duck Club

ADI: Applicability Determination Index

ADR: Antidegradation Review

ADW: Agricultural Drainage Wells


AF: Family Medical Leave; Agriculture/Forestry

AFB: Air Force Base

AFE: Application for Expenditures

AFO: Animal Feeding Operation

AFS: Air Facility System

AFV: Alternate Fuel Vehicle

AG: Attorney General; Agriculture; Silver

AGC: Associated General Contractors

AGRC: Automated Geographic Reference Center

AHA: American Heart Association

AIA: American Institute of Architects


AIR-VAC: Air Vacuum Valves

AIRS: Aerometric Information Retrieval System

AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

AK: Alaska

AL: Alabama; Annual Leave; Aluminum

ALJ: Administrative Law Judge

ALK: Alkalinity

ALARA: As Low As Reasonably Achievable

AMC: Air Monitoring Center

AMCOR: Oldcastle Precast Company

AME: Association for Manufacturing Excellence

AMPAC: American Pacific Corporation

AMR: Asset Metadata Repository

AMSL: Above Mean Seal Level

AMVP: Agency Motor Vehicle Policy

AMW: Acid Mine Water

AMWA: Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

ANC: Acid Neutralization Capacity

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

AO: Approval Order

AP: Accounts Payable; Acid-Generating Potential; Acid Potential

APC: Air Pollution Control

APDLN: Air Pollution Distance Learning Program

APE: Ammunition Peculiar Equipment

APHIS: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

API: Application Programming Interface

APO: Auxiliary Power Units

APR: Annual Percentage Rate

APTI: Air Pollution Training Institute


APU: Auxiliary Power Units

APW: Acid Plume Water

APWA: American Public Works Association

AQ: Air Quality

AQB: Utah Air Quality Board

AQI: Air Quality Index

AQS: Air Quality System

AQRV: Air Quality Related Values

AR: Accounts Receivable; Arkansas; Administrative Rules

ARC: Accident Review Committee; American Red Cross

ARMZ: Atomredmetzoloto

ARPA-E: Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy

ARSET: Applied Remote Sensing Training

ARRA: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

ARRWA: America's Red Rock Wilderness Act

AS: Arsenic; Air Sparging

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASDWA: Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

ASE: Automotive Service Excellence

ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASI: Annual Salary Increase

ASLB: Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

ASLO: American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

ASPA: American Society for Public Administration

ASQ: American Society for Quality

ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery

AST: Above Ground Storage Tanks

ASTSWMO: Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials

ATB: Agent Trial Burn

ATK: ATK Launch Systems, Inc.

ATLAS: Advanced Treatment Lagoon Activated Sludge; Air Toxics, Lead, Asbestos

ATLIC: Area 10 Liquid Incinerator

ATP: Authorized Training Program

ATSDR: Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry

ATTN: Attention

ATV: All Terrain Vehicle

AUP: Acceptable Use Policy

AVI: Audio Video Interleaved

AWAL: American West Analytical Laboratories

AWC: Available Water Content

AWEA: American Wind Energy Association


AWMA: Air and Waste Management Association

AWWA: American Water Works Association

AZ: Arizona


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