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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



DAAMS: Depot Area Air Monitoring System

DABC: Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control


DAF: Department of Agriculture and Food

DAG: Daggett County, Utah

DAGF: Department of Agriculture and Food

DAL: Discharge Airlock

DAQ: Division of Air Quality

DAR: Division of Administrative Rules

DAS: Department of Administrative Services; Division of Agency Services

DAV: Davis County, Utah

dB: Decibel

DB: Database

DBA: Database Administrator

DBCP: Dibromochloropropane

DBED: Division of Business and Economic Development

DBP: Disinfection By-Products

DBPR: Disinfection By-Products Rule

DC: Direct Current; District of Columbia

DC/AC: Direct Current/Alternating Current

DCA: Department of Community Affairs

DCD: Deseret Chemical Depot

DCED: Department of Community and Economic Development

DCFS: Division of Child and Family Services

DCIO: Deputy Chief Information Officer

DCM: Deep Creek Mine

DDR: Design Development Report

DDRR: Detailed Design Review Report

DDU: Distillate Desulfurization Unit

DDW: Division of Drinking Water

DE: Delaware

DEA: Drug Enforcement Agency; Demographic and Economic Analysis

DECD: Department of Community and Economic Development

DEIS: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

DELTA: Delta Air Lines, Inc.

DEP: Department of Environmental Protection

DEQ: Department of Environmental Quality

DERA: Diesel Emission Reduction Act

DERR: Division of Environmental Response and Remediation

DES: Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security; Division of Enterprise Services

DET: Division of Enterprise Technology

DFCM: Department of Facilities and Construction Management

DFE: Design for the Environment

DFI: Department of Financial Institutions

DFO: Division of Fleet Operations

DFS: Division of Family Services; Deactivation Furnace System

DFSS: Division of Fleet and Surplus Services

DG: Distributed Generation

DHRM: Department of Human Resource Management

DHS: Department of Human Services; Department of Homeland Security

DHTML: Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language

DIO: Division of Institutional Operations

DIT: Division of Integrated Technology

DITS: Division of Information Technology Services

DLD: Driver License Division

DLE: Dry Low Emission

DMAC: Dimethylacetamide

DMT: Discharge Minimization Technology

DMZ: Demilitarized Zone

DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNAPL: Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids

DNR: Department of Natural Resources

DO: Dissolved Oxygen

DOB: Date of Birth

DOC: Microsoft Word Document; Department of Corrections; Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

DOD: Department of Defense

DOE: Department of Energy; Department of Education

DOE-NV: Department of Energy—Nevada Operations

DOF: Dalton, Olmstead and Fuglevand, Inc.

DOGM: Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

DOH: Department of Health

DOL: Department of Labor

DOM: Dissolved Organic Matter

DOPL: Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing; Division of Professional Licensing

DOS: Disk Operating System

DOT: Department of Transportation

DOU: Document of Understanding

DP: Data Processing

DPE: Demilitarization Protective Ensembles

DPF: Diesel particulate Filters

DPG: Dugway Proving Grounds

dpi: Dots Per Inch

DPR: Division of Parks and Recreation


DRC: Direct Responsible Charge

DRO: Diesel-Related Contaminants; Diesel Range Organics

DRCOG: Denver Regional Council of Governments

DRE: Destruction and Removal Efficiently

DRI: Desert Research Institute

DRO: Diesel Range Organics

DPM: Designated Project Manager

DPP: Desert Power Plant

DPR: Division of Parks and Recreation

DPS: Department of Public Safety

DQO: Data Quality Objective

DR: Disaster Recovery

DRC: Division of Radiation Control

DRO: Diesel Range Organics

DRS: Division of Rehabilitation Services

DSA: Division of Substance Abuse

DWMRC: Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control

DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy; Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

DSM: Demand Side Management

DSPD: Division of Services for People with Disabilities

DST: Daylight Savings Time

DTS: Department of Technology Services; Drain Tube System

DTTF: Dugway Thermal Treatment Facility

DU: Depleted Uranium

DUC: Duchesne County, Utah

DUSA: Denison Mines USA Corporation

DVS: Drum Ventilation System

DW: Drinking Water

DWB: Drinking Water Board

DWQ: Division of Water Quality

DWR: Division of Wildlife Resources

DWS: Department of Workforce Services

DWSP: Drinking Water Source Protection