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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



Email: Electronic-mail

EA: Environmental Assessment

EAF: Electric Arc Furnace

EAR: Energy Assessment Report

EBCo: Ensign-Bickford Company

EC: Electrical Conductance

ECHO: Enforcement and Compliance History Online

ECI: Environmental Contractors Inc.

ECM: Enterprise Content Management

ECOS: Environmental Council of States

ECS: Eastside Collection System

EDA: Economic Development Area

EDB: Effective Bill Date; Ethylene dibromide

EDCU: Economic Development Corporation of Utah

EDE: Effective Dose Equivalent

EDF: Environmental Defense Fund

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

EDL: Energy Dynamics Laboratory

EDL/USU: Energy Development Lab/Utah State University

EDM: Electronic Document Management; Enterprise Document Management

EDMS: Electronic Document Management Systems

EDNET: University of Utah Video Conference Network

EDO: Executive Director's Office

eDocs: Electronic Documents

EDR: Electrodialysis Reversal

EDT: Explosive Destruction Technology

EDTIF: Economic Development Tax Increment Financing

EE: Energy Efficiency

EEC: European Economic Community

EECBG: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant


EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EF: Ecological Footprint

eForm: Electronic Form

EFS: Enhanced Flow and Speed

EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

EGBAR: Everything's Gonna Be All Right

EGI: Energy and Geoscience Institute

EH: Environmental Health

EHS: Extremely Hazardous Substances

EIMI: Environmental Information Management Initiative

EIN: Employee Identification Number

EIP: Environmental Improvement Project

EIS: Environmental Impact Statement

EISO: Enterprise Information Security Office

EJ: Environmental Justice

ELF: Extremely Low Frequency

ELF-EMF: Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

ELVS: End-of-Life Vehicle Solution

ELVSC: End-of-Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation

EMAC: Emergency Management Assistance Compact

EME: Emery County, Utah

EMF: Electromagnetic Fields

EMI: Emergency Management Institute

EMS: Environmental Management System; Emergency Medical Services

EMT: Emergency Medical Treatment; Emergency Medical Technician; Emergency Management Team

ENCANA: EnCana Oil and Gas, Incorporated

ENREL: Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law

EOC: Emergency Operations Center

EOL: End of Life

EOP: Emergency Operations Plan

EP: Employee Portal

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

EPACT: Energy Policy Act

EPCRA: Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act

EPE: Enterprise Project Executive

EPEAT: Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

EPHA: Environmental Public Health Alliance

EPHTP: Environmental Public Health Tracking Project

EPP: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

EPS: Encapsulated PostScript; Early Production System

EPSC: Enterprise Project Steering Committee

EPWG: Energy Policy Working Group

EQ: Environmental Quality

EQAC: Environmental Quality Advisory Commission

EQRA: Environmental Quality Restricted Account

ER: Emergency Room; Environmental Report

ERAMS: Environmental Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program

ERC: Elmore Recovery Concentrate; Emission Reduction Credit; Equivalent Residual Connection

ERG: Emergency Response Guidebook

ERM: Environmental Resource Management

ES: Energy Supply; Explosive Storage

ESB: Enterprise Service Bus; Equilibrium Partitioning Sediment Benchmark

ESC: Escape Key

ESCS: East Side Collection System

ESDP: Environmental Service Delivery Plan

ESE: Entrance Skin Exposure

ESMP: Enhanced Smoke Management Plan

ESRI: Environmental Systems Research Institute

ESS: Employee Self Service; Electronics Sanitary Survey

est: Estimated

et al.: and others

etc.: et cetera (and so forth)

ET: Evapotranspiration

ETV: Environmental Technology Verification

EUSEP2: Eastern Utah Secure Energy Program and Partnership

EWA: Enforceable Written Assurance

EWG: Environmental Working Group

EWIS: Electronic Waste Information System

EWTF: Eureka Wastewater Treatment Facility