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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



F: Fahrenheit; Fluoride

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

FAX: Facsimile

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBWMA: Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area

FC: Division of Facilities and Construction Management

FCC: Federal Communications Commission; Fluid Catalytic Cracking

FCCRB: Foster Care Citizens Review Board

FCCU: Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

FD: Fuel Dispensing

FDA: Federal Drug Administration; Food and Drug Administration

Fe: Iron

FEIS: Final Environmental Impact Statement; Fugitive Emissions Information System

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEP: Features, Events, Process

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FFSL: Forestry, Fire and State Lands

FGDC: Federal Geographic Data Committee

FGWTP: Flaming Gorge Dam Wastewater Treatment Plant

FHSA: Federal Hazardous Substance Act

FHWA: Federal Highway Administration

FI: Finance

FIFO: First In, First Out

FILO: First In, Last Out

FINET: Financial Network

FIP: Federal Implementation Plan

FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standard

FHWA: Federal Highway Administration

FL: Florida

FLIR: Forward Looking Infrared

FLPMA: Federal Land Policy Management Act

FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act

FML: Flexible Membrane Liners

FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act

FO: Field Operations; Fleet Operations

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act

FONSI: Finding of No Significant Impact

fpm: Feet Per Minute

FRCP: Federal Rules and Civil Procedure

FRM: Federal Reference Method

FRP: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

FRS: Facility Registry System

FS: Fact Sheet; Feasibility Study

FSA: Farm Service Agency

FSSOB: Fact Sheet Statement of Basis

ft: Feet

FTE: Full Time Equivalent

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

FUDS: Formerly Used Defense Sites

FUSRAP: Formerly Utilized Site Remediation Action Program

FWS: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

FY: Fiscal Year

FYE: Fiscal Year End

FYI: For Your Information