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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



.GOV: Government Internet Domain

GA: Georgia

GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

gal: Gallon

GAO: General Accounting Office

GAR: Garfield County, Utah

GB: Gigabyte

Gbps: Gigabits Per Second

GC: Gas Card

GCEPD: Governor's Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities

GCMP: Groundwater Monitoring and Characterization Plan

GCPD: Governor's Council for People with Disabilities

GE: General Electric

GFCO: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt

GGE: Gas Gallon Equivalent

GHG: Greenhouse Gas

GHS: Globally Harmonized System

GHT: Gasoline Hydrotreater Unit

Ghz: Gigahertz

GICS: Grants Information and Control System

GIF: Graphics Interface Format

GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out

GILS: Global Information Locator Service; Government Information Locator Service

GIS: Geographic Information System; Geographical Information System

GISAC: Geographic Information System Advisory Council

GLI: Great Lakes Initiative

GMA: Groundwater Management Area

GMF: Grassy Mountain Facility

GMS: Groundwater Modeling System

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time; General Mill Tailing

GND: Ground

GOED: Governor's Office of Economic Development

GOES: Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites

GOMB: Governor's Office of Management and Budget

GOPB: Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

Gov: Governor

Govt: Government

gpm: Gallons per Minute

GPS: Global Positioning System; Global Positioning Satellite

GRA: Grand County, Utah

GRAMA: Government Records Access and Management Act

GRO: Gasoline Range Organics

GRWTF: Green River Wastewater Treatment Facility

GS: Geologic Sequestration

GSA: Generator Site Access

GSAP: Generator Site Access Permit

GSL: Great Salt Lake

GSLM: Greater Salt Lake Minerals Corporation

GTRI: Global Threat Reduction Initiative

GUI: Graphical User Interface

GV: Governor's Office

GWDP: Groundwater Discharge Permit

GWP: Global Warming Potential

GWPC: Ground Water Protection Council

GWQS: Ground Water Quality Standards

GWTP: Ground Water Treatment Plant