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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



H2: Hydrogen

H2E: Hospitals for Healthy Environments

HABS: Harmful Algal Blooms

HAFB: Hill Air Force Base

HAP: Hazardous Air Pollutant

HARBOR: High Altitude Reconnaissance Balloon for Outreach and Research


HB: House Bill

HDD: Hard Disk Drive

HDI: Hexamethyl Diisocyanate

HDS: Hydroesulfurization

HELP: Heavy Vehicle Electronic License Plate; Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance


HFC: Hydroflurocarbon

HHS: Health and Human Services

HHW: Household Hazardous Waste

Hg: Mercury

HGA: Hardship Grant Assessments

HGL: Hydraulic Grade Line

HHW: Household Hazardous Waste

HI: Hawaii

HID: High Intensity Discharge

HILL: Hill Air Force Base

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HMIW: Hospital Medical Infectious Waste

HMIWI: Hospital Medical Infectious Waste Incinerator

HMR: Hazardous Materials Regulations

HO: Harmonic Oscillator

HOLLY: Holly Refining and Marketing

HON: Hazardous Organic National Emission Standard for Air Pollutants

HONO: Nitrous Acid

HP: Horsepower; Highway Patrol

HPBS: High Performance Building Standards

HPMS: Highway Performance Modeling System

HPP: Hunter Power Plant


H.R.: House of Representatives

HRCQ: Highway Route Controlled Quantity

HRM: Human Resource Management

HRS: Hazard Ranking System

HRSG: Heat Recovery Steam Generators

HS: Human Services; Hazardous Storage

HSCFS: Human Services Child and Family Services

HSMA: Hazardous Substances Mitigation Act

HSPD: Homeland Security Presidential Directive

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language

HTS: Heel Transfer System

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HVAC: Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning

HVLP: High Volume Low Pressure

HW: Hawthorne

HWI: Hazardous Waste Impoundments

HWMS: Hazardous Waste Management Section

HWMV: Hazardous Waste Management Units

HWSF: Hazardous Waste Storage Facility

HYSPLIT: Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory

HZ: Hertz