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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



L: Liter

L4: Logan

LA: Louisiana; Legislative Analyst

LAC: Legislature Automation Committee

LAER: Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

LAN: Local Area Network

lat: Latitude

LBA: Local Building Authority

LBP: Lead-Based Paint

LC: Labor Commission; Life Cycle

LCC: Large-Capacity Cesspool

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display


LCR: Least Cost Routing

LD: Long Distance

LDCHG: Long Distance Charge

LE: Legislature

LEAR: Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

LED: Light Emitting Diode

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LEG: Legislature


LEPC: Local Emergency Planning Committees

LES: Law Enforcement System

LF: Load Factor

LFA: Legislative Fiscal Analyst

LFL: Lower Flammable Limit

LG: Auditor General

LH: House of Representatives

LHD: Local Health Departments

LHII: Local Health Information Infrastructure

LHO: Local Health Officers

LIC: Liquid Incinerator

LIFO: Last In, First Out

LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System

LINX: Law Enforcement Information Exchange

LITANS: Large Item Transportable Access and Neutralization System

LLC: Limited Liability Company

LLRW: Low-level Radioactive Waste

LLW: Low Level Waste

LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas

LOB: Line of Business

LOCT: League of Cities and Towns

LOE: Level of Effort

LOI: Letter of Intent

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

Long: Longitude

Low Org: An Accounting Term

LP: Liquid Propane

LPDR: Local Public Document Room

LPI: Lines Per Inch

LPM: Lines Per Minute

LQ: Liquor Control Commission

LQG: Large Quantity Generator

LR: Legislative Research

LRA: License Renewal Application

LS: Library System

LSA: Low Special Activity

LTD: Long Term Disability

LTGMP: Long-term Groundwater Monitoring Plan

LUST: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

LUWDS: Large Underground Wastewater Disposal Systems

LVMC: Lisbon Valley Mining Company

LVP: Lisbon Valley Project

LZ: Landing Zone