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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



M: Mega; Milli; Meter

MA: Massachusetts; Multiple Award

MACA: MACA Supply Company

MACT: Maximum Achievable Control Technology

MAG: Mountainland Association of Governments

MAGI: Modified Adjusted Gross Income

MAN: Metropolitan Area Network

MAP: Molybdenum Autoclave Process

MASOB: Multi Agency State Office Building

Mb: Megabit

MB: Megabyte; Manitoba

MBA: Municipal Building Authority

MBE: Minority Business Enterprise

MBE/WBE: Minority Business Enterprise and Woman Business Enterprise

MBO: Management By Objective

Mbps: Million Bits Per Second; Million Bytes Per Second; Megabytes Per Second; Megabits Per Second

MBR: Membrane Bioreactor

MC: Master Contract

MCL: Maximum Containment Level

MCS: Motor Carrier System

MD: Maryland; Medical Doctor

MDB: Munitions Demilitarization Building

MDI: Methylene Diphenyl Di-isosyanante

MeCl: Methylene Chloride

MEK: Methyl Ethyl Ketone

MEP: Maximum Extent Practicable; Manufacturing Extension Partnership

MFP: Membrane Filtration Plant

MG: Milligram; Magnesium; Million Gallons

mg/L: Milligrams Per Liter

mgd: Million Gallons per Day

MGR: Mountain Gas Resources LLC

MGWTF: Mountain Green Wastewater Treatment Facility

MH: Mental Health

MHz: Megahertz

mi: Miles

MI: Michigan; Mechanical Integrity

MIL: Millard County, Utah

min: Minutes

misc.: Miscellaneous

MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Mechanical Integrity Testing

ml: Milliliter

MLA: Master License Agreement

MLW: Meteoric Leach Water

mm: Millimeter



MMI: Multiple Metric Indices; Multimetric Index

MMMF: Making Medicine Mercury-Free

MN: Minnesota; Manganese

MNA: Monitored Natural Attenuation

MNB: Mean Normalized Bias

MNGE: Mean Normalized Gross Error

MO: Missouri

MOA: Military Operating Area

MOBILE5A: A model for vehicle emissions.

MODFLOW: Groundwater Flow Modeling

MOL: Milk-of-Lime

MOPS: Millions of Operations Per Second

MOR: Morgan County, Utah

MoO3: Molybdenum Trioxide

MoS2: Molybdenum Disulfide

MoSCoW Rules: Must Have/Should Have/Could Have/Want to Have

MOTD: Message of the Day

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MOVES: Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator

MP: Motor Pool

MPA: Model Accreditation Plan; Microscopic Particulate Analysis

MPEG: Moving Pictures Experts Group

MPF: Metal Parts Furnace

MPO: Metropolitan Planning Organization

MPRS: Miscellaneous Parts Removal Station

MQSA: Mammogram Quality Standards Act

MREA: Midwest Renewable Energy Association

MRL: Minimum Risk Level

MRS: Monitored Retrievable Storage

MRT: Media Relations Team

MS: Microsoft Corporation; milliseconds; Mississippi

MS SQL: Microsoft Structured Query Language

MS4: Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

MS4S: Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

MSA: Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet

MSGP: Multi-Sector General Permit

MSO: Manufacturer's Statement of Origin

MST: Mountain Standard Time

MSW: Municipal Solid Waste; Mixed Solid Waste

mt: Mountain

Mt: Mount

MT: Montana

Mtpy: Million Tons Per Year

MTU: Metric Tons of Uranium

mV: Millivolt

MV: Megavolt

MVA: Megavolt-amperes

MVD: Motor Vehicle Division

MW: Milliwatt; Megawatt

MWC: Municipal Waste Combusters

MWe: Megawatts

MWG: Mercury Work Group

MWh: Mega Watt Hours

MWRF: Moroni City Water Reclamation Facility

MWTF: Moab Wastewater Treatment Facility; Monticello Wastewater Treatment Facility

MY: Model Year