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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



P2: Pollution Prevention

P2Rx: Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange

P3P: Platform for Privacy Preferences

p.m.: post meridian (after noon)

P&G: Procter and Gamble

P&L: Profit and Loss

PA: Performance Assessment

PAH: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

PAL: Plant-wide Applicability Limit

PAS: Pollution Abatement System

PBT: Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic

PB: Petabyte; Lead

PBR: Permitted-By-Rule

PBT: Persistent Bioaccumaltive Toxin

PC#: Purchasing Code

PC: Personal Computer

PCA: Principal Components Analysis

PCB: Polychlorinated Biphenyls

PCC: Primary Combustion Chamber

PCE: Tetrachlorethylene

PCF: Pollution Control Facility

PCI: Payment Card Industry

PCIFB: Permanent Community Impact Fund Board

PCS: Permit Compliance System

PCV: Pressure Control Valve

PCWWTP: Payson City Wastewater Treatment Plant

PDA: Personal Digital Assistant

PDF: Portable Document Format

PDSI: Palmer Drought Severity Index

PE: Personnel Management; Plain End; Professional Engineer

PEC: Product Executive Council

PEHP: Public Employees Health Program

PEL: Permissible Exposure Limit

PER: Preliminary Evalutation Report

PF: Power Factor

PFC: Perflurocarbons; Private First Class

PFR: Plug-Flow Reactor

PFS: Private Fuel Storage; Pollution Filter System

PHMSA: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

PHP: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

Phz: Petahertz

PICT: Picture Format

PID: Photo Ionization Detector

PIN: Personal Identification Number

PIO: Public Information Officer

PIRT: Public Involvement Resources and Training

PIU: Paiute Country, Utah

PKI: Public Key Infrastructure

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PLSS: Public Land Survey System

PLUS: Property Listing and Utilization Service

PM: Preventive Maintenance; Product Management; Program/Project Management; Particulate Matter

PM2.5: Particulate Matter, with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns or less.

PM10: Particulate Matter, with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less.

PMN: Public Meeting Notice

PMNS: Product Manager for Non-Stockpile Chemical Material

PN: Public Notice

PNEAC: Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center

PnP: Plug and Play

PO: Point of Origin

POC: Point of Contact

POE: Port of Entry

POHC: Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents

POP: Population

POTW: Publicly Owned Treatment Works

PPA: Performance Partnership Agreements

PPCP: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

PPG: Performance Partnership Grant

PPL: Project Priority List

PPM: Pages Per Minute; Parts Per Million

PPRC: Pollution Prevention Resource Center

PPS: Public Participation Summary

ppt: Part Per Thousand

PQL: Practical Quantitation Limit

PR: Puerto Rico; Parks and Recreation

PRM: Project Management

PRV: Pressure Relief Valve; Pressure Reducing Valve

PS: Public Safety

PSC: Public Service Commission

PSCIPCO: Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Company

PSD: Prevention of Significant Deterioration; Project Scoping Document

PSG: Public Shooting Grounds

PSI: Pounds per Square Inch

PST: Petroleum Storage Tank

PSTE: Public Sector Technology Exchange

PTAC: Procurement Technical Assistance Center

PTE: Potential to Emit; Permanent Total Enclosure

PTIF: Public Treasurer's Investment Fund

PTS: Project Tracking System

PU: Public Service Commission

PUB UTIL: Public Utilities

PUD: Public Utility District

PURPA: Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act

PV: Photovoltaic

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride

PVE: Petroleum Violation Escrow

PW: Password

PWS: Public Water System