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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



R&D: Research and Development

RAC: Resource Advisory Council

RACES: Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

RACM: Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material

RACT: Reasonably Available Control Technology

RADInfo: Radiation Information Database

RALCORP: Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products, Inc.

RAM: Random Access Memory; Radioactive Material

RAN: Return Authorization Number

RATA: Relative Accuracy Test Audit

RAP: Recycled Asphalt Pavement; Risk Assessment Proposal

RB: Career Service Review Board

RBRC: Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

RCI: Residential/Commercial/Industrial

RCP: Radon Mitigation; Radon Contractor Proficiency

RCRA: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RCSP: Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership

RCU: Recycling Coalition of Utah

RD/RA: Remedial Design and Remedial Action

RDA: Urban Renewal Area

RDCC: Resource Development Coordinating Committee

RDWP: Remedial Design Work Plan

RE: Renewable Energy; Retirement

REA: Rural Electrification Administration

REAP: Rural Energy for America Program

REASN: Renewable Energy Analytic Studies Network

REC: Reduced Emissions Completions

REDI: Renewable and Alternative Development Incentive

REFIS: Renewable Electric Plant Information System

REMI: Regional Economic Models, Inc.

RETI: Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative

RF: Radio Frequency

RfD: Reference Dose

RFI: Request for Information; RCRA Facility Investigation

RFID: Radio-frequency Identification

RFM: Random Forests Model

RFP: Request for Proposal

RFQ: Request for Quotation

RG: Board of Regents

RGB: Red Green Blue

RGGI: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

RH: Rest House; Regional Haze

RI/FS: Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study

RI: Rhode Island

RIB: Rapid Infiltration Basin

RIC: Rich County, Utah

RICE: Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines

RIF: Reduction in Force

RIOS: Recycling Industry Operating Standards

RM: Resource Management; Review Meeting; Risk Management


RMI: Rocky Mountain Institute

RML: Radioactive Materials License

RMMS: Rocky Mountain Machine Shop

RMP: Resource Management Plan; Radon Measurement; Risk Management Plan; Rocky Mountain Power

RNP: Renewable Northwest Project

RO: Reverse Osmosis

ROD: Record of Decision

ROI: Return on Investment

RPA: Reusable Packaging Association

RPC: Regional Planning Committee

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute; Remedial Project Manager

RPP: Radon Proficiency Program

RPQ: Request for Price Quotation

RPS: Renewable Portfolio Standard

RRF: Relative Reduction Factor

RRNC: Radon Resistant New Construction

RRP: Renovation, Repair, and Painting

RSRM: Refurbished Solid Rocket Motor

RSS: Rich Site Summary; Remote Sampling System; Really Simple Syndication

RTA: Responsible Trails America

RTB: Run the Business

RTCAP: Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

RTD: Resistance Temperature Detector

RTF: Rich Text Format


RTO: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

RTS: Roll To Sheet

RTU: Right to Use License

RV: Recreational Vehicle

RVP: Reid Vapor Pressure

RVSS: Reduced Voltage Soft Starters

RWAU: Rural Water Association of Utah

RX#: Requisition Number