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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



S: South; Senate

SA: State Auditor

SAAP: Special Appropriation Act Projects

SAAS: Software As A Service

SAC: Science Advisory Council

SAG: Semi-Autogenous Grinding

SAGE: Solvent Alternatives Guide

SAJ: San Juan County, Utah

SAN: Storage Area Network; Sanpete County, Utah

SAO: State Auditor's Office

SAP: Sampling and Analysis Plan

SARA: Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SB: Senate Bill

SBA: Special Billing Agreement

SBAP: Small Business Assistance Program

SBDC: Small Business Development Center

SBEEP: State Building Energy Efficiency Program

SBI: State Bureau of Investigation

SBN: Special Billing Number

SBO: Small Business Ombudsman

SC: South Carolina

SCA: Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates; Stipulated Consent Agreement

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition

SCAT: Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team

SCO: Stipulation Consent Order; Surface Contaminated Objects

SCR: Selective Catalytic Reduction

SCVHD: Salt Lake Valley Health Department

SD: Sick Dependent; South Dakota

SDS: Spent Decontamination System; Safety Data Sheet

SDSN: South Davis County Sewer District North Wastewater

SDSS: South Davis County Sewer District South Wastewater

SDSU: South Dakota State University

SDWA: Safe Drinking Water Act

SDWIS: Safe Drinking Water Information System

SE: Senate; Southeast; Selenium

SEC: Seconds; Security and Exchange Commission

SEED: State Employee Enterprise Database; State Employee Enterprise Directory

SEEP: State Energy Efficiency Plan; State Energy Efficiency Policy

SEP: State Energy Program; Supplemental Environmental Project

SEPP: Secure Electronic Payment Protocol

SER: Safety Evaluation Report

SERC: State Emergency Response Commission

SESP: State Energy Sector Partnership

SEV: Sevier County, Utah

SF: Family Medical Leave

SF6: Sulfur Hexafluroide

SFI: Schreiber Foods, Inc.

SFR: State Revolving Fund

SFWTP: Spanish Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant

SGID: State Geographic Information Database

SGP: Sustainable Green Printing

SHP: Sustainable Hospitals Program

SHPO: State Historic Preservation Office; State Historical Preservation Office

SIA: State Information Architect

SIC: Sulfur Impregnated Carbon; Standard Industrial Classification; Standard Industry Classification

SID: System Identification Number; Source Image Distance

SIEC: State Interoperability Executive Committee

SIG: Special Interest Group

SIP: State Implementation Plan

SIR: Statistical Inventory Reconciliation

SITLA: School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration

SIU: Significant Industrial User

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SLAMS: State and Local Air Monitoring Stations

SLC: Salt Lake City; Salt Lake County, Utah

SLCC: Salt Lake Community College

SLCCC: Salt Lake Clean Cities Coalition

SLCFD: Salt Lake City Fire Department

SLCCHD: Salt Lake City County Health Department

SLCPU: Salt Lake City Public Utilities

SLOC: Salt Lake Organizing Committee

SLVHD: Salt Lake Valley Health Department

SLVSWMF: Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility

SME: Small and Medium Enterprises

SMI: Shepherd Miller Inc.

SMP: Site Management Plan; Smoke Management Plan

SNAFU: Situation Normal All Fouled Up


SNCR: Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction

SND: Send

SNF: Spent Nuclear Fuel

SOC: Significant Operational Compliance

SOCMI: Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry

SO2: Sulfur Dioxide

SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture; Services Oriented Architecture

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

SOB: State Office Building; Statement of Basis

SOC: Significant Operational Compliance

SOCMI: Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry

SOG: Standard Operating Guideline

SOHO: Small Office Home Office

SOI: Statement of Intent

SON: Service Order Number

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOQ: Statement of Qualification

SOR: Service Outage Report

SOW: Scope of Work; Statement of Work

SP: State Planning

SPC: State Planning Coordinator; Sevier Power Company

SPLP: Synthetic Precipitation Leach Procedure

SPM: Special Purpose Monitoring

SPOC: Single Point of Contact

SPRA: Southwest Public Recycling Association

SQG: Small Quantity Generator

SQL: Structured Query Language

SR: State Roads; State Route

SRF: State Revolving Fund


SRU: Sulfur Recovery Unit


SS: Social Security

SSA: Social Security Administration

SSI: Server-Side Include

SSKI: Supersaturated Potassium Iodide

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer

SSN: Social Security Number

SSO: Single Sign-on; Sanitary Sewer Overflow

SSOS: Sanitary Sewer Overflows

ST: State Treasurer

STA: State Technical Architect

STB: Surface Transportation Board

STEL: Short Term Exposure Limit

STILT: Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport

STP: Office of State and Tribal Programs; Submersible Turbine Pump

SUM: Summit County, Utah

SURC: Southern Utah Recycling Coalition

SURROC: Surroc Corporation

SUV: Sports Utility Vehicle

SUVSWD: South Utah Valley Solid Waste District

SUWA: Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

SVOC: Semi-volatile Organic Compounds

SVU: Soil Vapor Extraction

SVWRF: South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

SW: Southwest

SWAC: Storm Water Advisory Committee

SWDMR: Storm Water Discharge Monitoring Report

SWEEP: Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

SWG: Stakeholder Working Group

SWJV: Southwestern Jordan Valley

SWMP: Storm Water Management Plan

SWMU: Solid Waste Management Unit

SWMUG: Solid Waste Management Unit Group

SWP: Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration

SWPPP: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan