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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



t: Short Tone

T/M: Time and Materials

T3: Tooele

TA: Utah Transit Authority

TAC: Technical Advisory Committee

TACNet: Technical Assistance Center Network

TAX: Tax Commission

TB/S: Terabits per Second

TB: Terabyte

TBA: To Be Announced; Targeted Brownfields Assessment

TBD: To Be Determined

TBPEL: Technology-Based Phosphoros Effluent Limits

TC: Travel Council; Ton Container

TCL: Total Containment Lagoon

TCCP: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

TCE: Trichlorethene

TCLP: Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure

TCO: Total Cost of Ownership

TCR: The Climate Registry


TDD: Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

TDM: Transportation Demand Management

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids

TE: Schedule of Position: Temporary Payroll

TEAD: Tooele Army Depot

TEG: Triethyleneglycol

TEL: Telephone

TEO: Telephone Equipment Order

TER: Toxic Effects Ratio

TETF: Totally Enclosed Treatment Facility

TFV: Threshold Friction Velocity

THD: Total Harmonic Distortion

THZ: Terahertz

TI: Tailings Impoundment

TIFF: Tag Image File Format

TKN: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

TL: Trust Lands Administration; Transportation/Land Use

TLA: Three Letter Acronym

TLS: Transport Layer Security

TLV: Threshold Limit Value

TM: Technical Memoranda

TMDL: Total Maximum Daily Load

TN: Telephone Number; Tennessee

TNC: Transient Non-Community

TNCWS: Transient Non-Community Water System

TOC: Technical Operations Center; Table of Contents

TOCDF: Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility

TOD: Time of Day

TOO: Tooele County, Utah

TPD: Tons Per Day

TPH: Tons Per Hour; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

TPIU: Take Pride in Utah

TPQ: Threshold Planning Quantity

TPY: Tons Per Year

TQM: Total Quality Management

TRC: Total Residual Chlorine; The Climate Registry

TRI: Toxic Release Inventory


TRPH: Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons

TRS: Treasurer

TRC: Technical Review Committee

TSCA: Toxic Substances Control Act

TSD: Technical Support Document; Treatment, Storage and Disposal


TSI: Thermal System Insulation

TSL: Toxic Screening Level

TSP: Total Suspended Particulate

TSS: Total Suspended Solids

TSSD: Timpanogos Special Service District

TTR: Total Time to Resolve

TTU: Thermal Treatment Unit

TWA: Time Weighted Average

TWWTP: Tremonton Wastewater Treatment Plant

TX: Texas; Tax Commission