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DEQ Acronyms and Abbreviations



W: Watt; West

W2: Washington Boulevard

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium

WA: Washington

WAC: Waste Acceptance Criteria

WAN: Wide Area Network

WARN: Water Agency Response Network

WAS: Wasatch County, Utah

WAY: Wayne County, Utah

WB: Web Hosting

WBE: Woman Business Enterprise

WCF: Worker's Compensation Fund

WCI: Western Climate Initiative

WCM: Web Content Management

WCS: Waste Control Specialists

WDPS: Wastewater Disposal Pump Station

WE: Human Services

WEAU: Water Environment Association of Utah

Web: World Wide Web

WEB: Weber County, Utah

WECC: Western Electricity Coordinating Council

WEF: Water Environment Federation

WEO: Western Energy Operating


WES: Wasatch Energy Systems

WESTAR: Western States Air Resources Council

WF: Wasatch Front Regional Council

WFAP: Work Force Adjustment Plan

WFRC: Wasatch Front Regional Council

WGA: Western Governor's Association

WHRU: Waste Heat Recovery Unit

WI: Wisconsin

WIC: Women, Infants, and Children

WIP: Work in Progress

WIPP: Waste Isolation Pilot Project

WL: Working Levels

WLA: Wasteload Allocation

WLS: Western Lakes Survey

WMA: Wildlife Management Area

WMF: Windows Metafile

WMR: Western Metals Recycling

WP: Assistance Payment

WPA: Wind Powering America

WPD: WordPerfect Document

WPM: Words Per Minute

WQ: Water Quality

WQA: Water Quality Assessment

WQB: Water Quality Board

WQI: Water Quality Index

WQPAP: Water Quality Project Assistance Program

WQS: Water Quality Standards

WR: Water Rights

WRAP: Western Regional Air Partnership

WRE: Water Resources


WRI: World Resources Institute

WRT: With Respect To

WS: Workforce Services

WSA: Wilderness Study Area

WSH: Washington County, Utah

WSP: Waste Stream Plan

WTO: World Trade Organization

WTP: Water Treatment Plant

WU: Family Services

WUI: Web User Interface

WV: West Virginia

WWF: WorldWide Fund for Nature

WWW: World Wide Web

WY: Wyoming

WYCD: What You Can Do

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

WZ: Western Zirconium