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DEQ Home Page

  • Administration
    Presents links to DEQ administrative resources, including addresses, contacts, offices, organization charts, GRAMA information, planning, and more.

  • Boards
    Presents links to each of DEQ's boards, their members, and associated resources.

  • Businesses
    Presents links to all businesses that deal with DEQ for permits, notices, or other environmental issues.

  • Certification, Training, and Testing
    Presents links to DEQ pages dealing with certifications, licensing, training, testing, and other related resources.

  • Compliance and Monitoring
    Presents links to DEQ pages related to compliance and monitoring issues.

  • Fees, Grants, and Funds
    Presents links to information on DEQ's financial content, as provided by all Divisions; including funds, taxes, loans, and fees.

  • Forms
    Presents links to DEQ forms provided by Division.

  • Laws and Rules
    Presents links to all of the laws and rules that apply to DEQ and its Divisions; including pending rules, proposed changes, and related notices.

  • Locations
    Presents links to various geographical locations within Utah for which DEQ has some regulatory interest.

  • News and Notices
    Presents links to DEQ news related information and announcements of public notices and opportunities for public comment and participation; including news releases, the comments and meeting calendar, the Annual Environmental Report, newsletters, hot topics, and more.

  • Permits
    Presents links to DEQ permitting information for all Divisions.

  • Pollutants
    Presents links to DEQ information about specific pollutants.

  • Programs and Services
    Presents links to DEQ programs and services maintained by the Divisions.

  • Topics
    Presents links to DEQ information on a variety of topics of general public interest.

  • Workgroups and Committees
    Presents links to DEQ sponsored workgroups that deal with specific topics of environmental concern; including associations, commissions, committees, and councils.

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