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Resources: Division of Drinking Water Operator Certification

Newly certified? You will need to keep up on your continuing education units (amount based on grade level) before renewing every 3 years.

Grade Level CEUs Required
SS, 1, 2 2 (20 hours)
3,4 3 (30 hours)

Renewal Cycle

Your 3 year renewal cycle begins the following year after you pass your exam, on January 1st.

Renewal Steps

  1. Meet the CEU Requirement
  2. Send a Renewal Application ( in the Shopping Cart )
  3. Pay the renewal fee for each certificate ( in the Shopping Cart )

Failure to Renew

If you fail to renew on time, the fee increases and you must apply for reinstatement (PDF) and submit to the Operator Certification Commission for approval. Your next renewal cycle will begin as if you renewed on time. CEUs acquired after your certificate expired cannot count toward any future renewals.

Make sure to keep your information up-to-date.

Drinking Water’s database website is a very useful tool and provides a lot of value to water operators. Here are three main uses for operators:

  • Water system reports (bacT, inventory, IPS, water monitoring, system summary)
  • CEU report (Public section)
  • Water system’s operators list (Public section)

Operator Certification Program Brochure (pdf)

A friendly introduction to all things Operator Certification.

OpCert Rule Summary (pdf)

The details about how the Operator Certification program must run, by law.

Employment Opportunities

Rural Water lists operator job opportunities on their site when they hear of them. 


Reciprocity Application (pdf)

Send this application to Kim D. Dyches (Commission Secretary) to begin the process of gaining operator certification in Utah.

Specialist Conversion Application (pdf)

Change the term on your certificate to signify you are not employed by a water system. You still have to renew and acquire CEUs as usual, this just differentiates between Utah’s Water Operators or simply those certified but not working at Utah’s water systems.

Restricted/Unrestricted Application (pdf)

Utah uses a unique system that allows people to become certified before having the required experience. Check to see if you meet the Minimum Requirements for Unrestricted Status

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