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Utah Division of Drinking Water

Staff Directory

(801) 536-4200
Main Phone (Reception Desk)

(801) 536-4211
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(801) 536-4108
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Alphabetical by Employee

(Updated 1/16/2018)

Name Phone Section Duties
Beck, Deidre (801) 536 -4201 Administrative Services GIS/Groundwater Source Water Protection
Bobb, Heather (801) 536-0093 Construction Assistance Environmental Program Coordinator
Booth, Marianne (801) 536-4208 Administrative Services Administrative Secretary
Cassady, Rachael (801) 536 -4467 Section Manager
Rules Implementation
Chemical Quality
Clark, Bernie (801) 536-0092 Engineering Plan Review Assignment, Rulemaking, Technical Assistance
Cobleigh, Julie (801) 536-4197 Construction Assistance Financial Assistance Programs; Plan Review
Dev, Nagendra (801) 536-0098 Engineering Plan Review, Capacity Development.
Fauver, Patti (801) 536-4196 Section Manager
Rules Enforcement
Rule Compliance
Federico, Sitara (801) 536-4195 Rules Implementation Sample Processing
Frary, Emily (801) 536-0070 Rules Implementation Lead and Copper Rule Manager, Arsenic Rule Manager, Technical Assistance
Gould, David (801) 536-4200 Administrative Services Reception
Grange, Michael (801) 536-0069 Section Manager Construction Assistance Financial Assistance Programs
Grenlie, Sam (801) 536-4280 Construction Assistance Financial Assistance Program; Plan Review
Deras, Michelle (801) 536-4265 Field Services Technical Assistance, Sanitary Surveys; Rating System, Operator Certification
Hansen, Dave (801) 536-4203 Field Services Technical Assistance, Sanitary Surveys; Rating System
Harry, Camron (801) 536-0087 Engineering Plan Review
Heuser, Shaunna (801) 536-4190 Administrative Services Archivist, Source Protection Program Coordinator
Holdaway, Brad (801) 536-0063 Rules Implementation Disinfection Byproducts Rule; Quarterly Reports 
Jacobo Dawnie (801) 536-4217 Field Services Operator Certification Program, Environmetal Program Coordinator
Keers, Pete (801) 536-4150 Field Services Sanitary Surveys, Emergency Response
Kobzeff, Gary (801) 536-0099 Engineering Surface Water Treatment Rule, Plan Review, Tech Assistance
Lee, Janet (Keller) (801) 536-0088 Rules Implementation Revised Total Coliform Rule, Bacteriological Sampling
Lunstad, Nathan (801) 536-0039 Engineering Plan Review, UDI
Macauley, Ying-Ying (801) 536-4188 Administrative Services Assistant Director
Nelson, Lisa (801) 536-4348 Construction Assistance Financial Assistance Program; Plan Review CIB
Nieminski, Eva (801) 536-4189 Administrative Services Technical Assistance, Research
Noble, Melissa (801) 536-4224 Administrative Services Source Protection, GIS
North, Tamara (801) 536-4293 Engineering Plan Review, Technical Assistance, Water System Ratings
Dearing, Ryan (801) 536-0048 Rules Enforcement Ground Water Disinfection Rule, System Operations, Technical Assistance
Owens, Marie (801) 536-4207 Administrative Services Director
Peterson, Rich (801) 536-4035 Construction Assistance Financial Assistance Programs, Plan Review, Database Development, Document Management
Pett, Sandy (801) 536-4212 Administrative Services Accounting, Loan Program, Contract/Grant Analyst
Rager, Gary 801-536-4498 Filed Services Cross Connection Control
Ryan, Randi (801) 536-4170 Rules Implementation Surface water, Treatment Plant Reports, Disinfection By-product Rule, Harmful Algal Blooms
Smith, Brandi (801) 536-4210 Rules Enforcement Sample Processing
Smith, Colt (801) 536-4155 Rules Enforcement SDWIS Database, Consumer Confidence Reports, Technical Assistance, Online Report Access
Yee, Jennifer
(801) 536-4216 Rules Enforcement Enforcement, Compliance Orders, Water System Ratings