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Asbestos and Lead Fees

Uniform Division Fees Rate/Fee
Special Computer Data Request 
Computer Disk $10
Compact Disk Rules $20
Rules Paper Copy $10
Certification Fees
Asbestos Company/LBP Firm $250
LBP Renovator Firm $100
Asbestos Individual per discipline $125
Asbestos Individual surcharge for non-Utah certified trainer $30
LBP Abatement Worker/Renovator $100
LBP Inspector, Dust Sampling Technician $125
LBP Risk Assessor, Supervisor, Project Designer, Renovator - per discipline $200
Lost certification card replacement  $30
Asbestos and LBP Course Review Fee - Actual cost
Asbestos and Lead Abatement Fees
Annual Asbestos Notification (facilities) $500
Abatement Project Base Fee $150
Abatement Project Base Fee for projects at owner-occupied homes $50
Abatement unit fee/100 units (square feet, linear feet) (cubic feet x3) up to 10,000 units $7
Abatement unit fee/100 units (square feet, linear feet) (cubic feet x3) 10,000 or more units $3.50
Demolition Fees
Demolition notification base fee $75
Unit fee per 5,000 square feet greater than .
5,000 square feet $50

Alternative Work Practice Review

<10-day training provider notification/private residence non-NESHAP requests

All other requests



School buildings subject to AHERA pay the base fee with no added per unit cost.