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Radiation Control:
Waste Management and Radiation Control Laws and Rules

The Radiation Control Act, Utah Code Title 19 Chapter 3, provides the Department of Environmental Quality's Radiation Control Board the authority to make rules to protect the public and environment from significant sources of radiation. The Board has established these rules in order to develop a total Radiation Control Program within the State of Utah. Although limits are set for maximum permissible doses and concentrations, it is the policy that radiation levels and exposures from all sources of radiation will be reduced to the lowest level that can reasonably be achieved. Serious efforts will be made to reduce radiation exposures and releases of radioactive material in effluents to unrestricted areas to as low as is reasonably achievable.

The Division of Radiation Control is the Department's agent in administering these rules. The objective of these rules is to obtain optimum benefits from uses of sources of radiation while minimizing the risks. To achieve this objective requires knowledge of technical factors and understanding of their relative importance. The Division's staff will require sound basic training, and a continuing education program in order to effectively administer these rules. The Division is devoted to minimizing unproductive radiation exposures to human beings and to reduce the unnecessary release of radioactive materials to the environment.

Since the rulemaking process is continuing in nature, the reader is also directed to the Code's interim supplement, the Utah State Bulletin, which records all changes since the last edition of the printed code. Links to items of public notice are provided for those wanting to review them.

NOTE: References to Titles, Chapters, Parts, Sections and Subsections refer to the Utah Administrative Code. References to CFR refer the Code of Federal Regulations. References to R313 refer to the Utah Radiation Control Rules.

Copies of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are available from the Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 20402, telephone (202) 783-3238.

You may download a zipped (compressed) format of the complete set of rules or view them online by sections listed below:


  • R313-12
    General Provisions
  • R313-14
    Violations and Escalated Enforcement
  • R313-15
    Standards for Protection Against Radiation
  • R313-16
    General Requirements Applicable to the Installation, Registration, Inspection, and Use of Radiation Machines
  • R313-17
    Administrative Procedures
  • R313-18
    Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers by Licensees or Registrants-inspections
  • R313-19
    Requirements of General Applicability to Licensing of Radioactive Material
  • R313-21
    General Licenses
  • R313-22
    Specific Licenses
  • R313-24
    Uranium Mills and Source Material Mill Tailings Disposal Facility Requirements
  • R313-25
    License Requirements for Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste - General Provisions
  • R313-26
    Generator Site Access Permit Requirements for Accessing Utah Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
  • R313-27
    Medical Use Advisory Committee
  • R313-28
    Use of X-rays in the Healing Arts
  • R313-30
    Therapeutic Radiation Machines
  • R313-32
    Medical Use of Radioactive Material
  • R313-34
    Requirements for Irradiators
  • R313-35
    Requirements for X-Ray Equipment Used for Non-Medical Applications
  • R313-36
    Special Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
  • R313-37
    Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material
  • R313-38
    Licenses and Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging
  • R313-70
    Payments, Categories and Types of Fees