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Environmental Connection Newsletter


The Environmental Connection Newsletter is no longer being published. See the DEQ Blog for updated news and information. All past issues have been archived and are available for historical and reference purposes.


Spring 2014

  • Legislation Promotes Cleaner Air, Provides Increased Funding
  • Community Involvement Vital for PCE Plume Cleanup
  • DAQ Explains Smog Rating Information
  • DAQ on the Lookout for Summer Ozone
  • DDW Training Screencasts Help Water System Operators
  • New Technology Cleans Up Old Contamination
  • State Employees Park their Cars & Ride Transit


Fall 2013
  • Cub River Success Story
  • Construction Moves Forward on Ronald McDonald House Expansion
  • State Throws Support Behind Stricter Emission Standards
  • Point Sources to Provide Additional Emission Reductions
Summer 2013
  • Communications Office Engages Public in Solutions to Summertime Air Quality Problem
  • Jordan Valley Water Seeks Permit to Discharge into the Great Salt Lake
  • BizHelp Reaches Out to Oil and Gas Industry
  • Listing Will Make Resources, Funding Available for Clean-Up Eastside PCE Plume Added to Superfund National Priorities
  • Indoor Radon legislation Division of Radiation Control Puts Radon Bill Into Action
  • E-Waste Disposal Saturdays throughout August Samsung Helps Get Rid of Old Electronics
  • Willard Bay Recovering from Diesel Fuel Spill
Spring 2013
  • Winter Inversions Prompt Transportation Innovations
  • 2013 Legislative Session/Legislators Shine Light on Air Quality Bills
  • DEQ Promotes Sustainability at Annual Conference
  • Division of Air Quality Ends Wood Burning Restrictions; Prepares for Summer Ozone
  • Guv Budget Proposes Funding for Radon; UCAIR and Pay Raise to Employees
  • Utah Driving Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles State Promotes Diversification of Transportation Fuels
  • Intermountain's Kem C. Gardner Supply Chain Center Delivering More Then Medical Supplies
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Snuffs out Illegal Dumps



  • DEQ Applauds 3form For Going Beyond Recycling
  • Lake Powell and Quail Creek on Fish Advisory List
  • Air Quality Focuses on Winter Pollution
  • Uintah Basin Turning to Innovative Air Quality Solutions
  • Air Quality Modeling at CHPC
  • High Levels of E. coli Threaten Water Quality in Zion Narrows


  • Wildfires: Don't Let Them Smoke You Out
  • Air Quality Gaining Recognition as a Statewide Issue
  • PCE Contamination Found on Salt Lake's East Side
  • Craig Anderson New Lead DEQ Attorney
  • Holly Refinery Takes the U-CAIR Pledge
  • DEQ Protects Air in Holly Refinery Expansion
  • Black and Yellow Wax Fueling Refinery Expansions
  • Draft Study Provides Snapshot of Uintah Basin Pollution
  • Scientists Sample Emigration Creek


  • Attorney Denise Chancellor Retires
  • Radon Program Losing Funding
  • On the Radar: Interactive Map Improves Efficiencies
  • Samantha Mary Julian, Energy Director: Energery and Environment
  • Governor Announces Idle Reduction Policy for the State Fleet
  • Utah Fleet Operations Not Sitting Idle
  • UDOT Will Play a Key Role in U-CAIR
  • Inside DEQ: Drive ... or Not?


  • Great Salt Lake: Water Quality Strategy Targets Unique Lake Ecosystem
  • Refineries Expansion Plans: Division of Air Quality Taking Public Comments on Tesoro Upgrade
  • DEQ Legal Team Soon to Be United
  • Las Vegas Pipeline Clears Hurdle: Concerns Remain Over Impacts to Air and Water Quality


  • 2012 Legislative Session: Bills on DEQ Boards, Underground Storage Tanks, and Emissions Testing
  • DEQ's Budget One-Time funding for ALJ; Legislature Gives Employees 1% raise
  • Plug-Ins Available for Electric Cars at DEQ
  • Think Outside the (Disposable) Box


  • 2012 Legislature: DEQ Boards Revamped and Other Bills
  • DEQ Engages Stakeholders in Air Plan
  • Governor to Hosts Energy Summit
  • Governor Visits DEQ; Meets Staff
  • Guv Budget Adds ALG to DEQ; Pay Raise to Employees
  • Understanding Uintah Basin's Air Quality



  • Businesses Lauded for Pollution Prevention
  • DEQ's Emergency Response - Eyes Efficiencies
  • DEQ Employees Volunteer at Refugee Gardens
  • Utah to Host Annual Regional Meeting on Radon Education
  • Retirements
  • DEQ Weighs in on Snake Valley Pipeline - Making the Nevada Desert Bloom: At Utah's Expense?


  • It's Back to School With Cleaner Buses
  • Scientist to Test Red Butte Creek For Long-Term Health Impacts; Liberty Lake Deemed Clean
  • Staff Puts Governor's Energy Plan to Work


  • DEQ Looks Back on 20 Years of Success
  • Twenty Things About Utah 20 Years Ago


  • AAA Greens Its Fleets: DEQ Uses AAA to Promote Fuel Efficiency
  • Air Quality Seeks to Improve Permitting Process
  • Check Your Mailbox in June
  • DEQ and Partners Applaud Businesses for Reduced Pollution
  • Engineer is Lauded by Peers for Protecting Utah's Waters
  • Guest Speaker Series: DEQ Eyes Teaming with U. Professor to Study Air Shed


  • 2011-2012 Budget: Legislature Adds Money for Air, Cuts 2%
  • 2011 Session Ends: Energy Office, Back to 5-Day Work Day?
  • Fugitive Dust and Storm Water Permits Available Online Soon
  • DEQ Scientists Take Part in University of Utah Lecture Series
  • Longtime DEQ Technology Director Retires
  • DEQ Takes Part in E-Recycling Bill Talks & Seeks Passage of Drinking Water Bill
  • DEQ Retirements in 2010
  • Governor Seeks Money for Air & Radiation
  • Scientist Gets National Award for Coordinating Environmental Training
  • Want To Be Green? Don't Be Greenwashed
  • Water Quality Testing from Spill Continues
  • Water Quality Nutrient Plans Under Way


  • 2010 Legislative Session: DEQ Seeks Passage of Trio of Waste Management Bills
  • DEQ Faces Added 3 Percent Cut in General Fund
  • End of an Era: DEQ Veteran who Rose to Ranks now Retires
  • Longtime District Engineer Retires, Rides Off Into the Sunset
  • Stop Radon from Threatening Your Health: January Designated as National Radon Action Month
  • 2.2 Percent Cut in FY2011 DEQ Hedges Off Big Hits in General Fund for 2011
  • Air Quality Engineer Retires after 32 Years
  • Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet During April
  • Session Ends with Passage of DEQ-sought Bills Item
  • Stimulus Funds to Improve Ogden River Ogden Celebrates Start of River Restoration Project
  • Water Quality Scientist Retires After Notable Career
  • Moving on Up
  • Governor Visits DEQ
  • USANA Recognized for Waste Reduction Achievements
  • "End of an Era" Long-time Solid & Hazardous Waste Director Retires
  • Attorney has Helped Shaped Utah's Environmental Laws
  • Governor Herbert Challenges State Employees to Clear the Air
  • Energy Efficiency to Shine this Summer
  • Radiation Director is Looking Forward to No Agenda
  • Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the New Multi-Agency State Office Building
  • Radiation Works to Improve Efficiencies
  • DEQ Helps a Northern Utah Irrigation Company Go Lean
  • DEQ Employees Take the Clear the Air Challenge
  • DEQ Scientist Receives Utah Energy Award
  • Bousfield Featured in Drinking Water Association's Newsletter


  • 2009 Legislative Session: DEQ Seeks Reauthorization of Statutory Acts
  • DEQ Tightens Belt; Imposes Hiring Freeze: Huntsman Budget Plan Seeks 7 Percent Cut in Spending
  • Environment Takes Center Stage with Mayor Becker
  • Governor Declares January 2009 as “Radon Action Month”: Students Illustrate Dangers of Radon Gas
  • 2009 Legislative Session: Legislature OKs DEQ Air, Land and Water Acts
  • DEQ Employees Donate Food by the Barrels for the Holidays
  • DEQ Icons Gone: DEQ chief, Finance whiz and Air Quality Gurus Retire
  • DEQ Participates in Earth Day Events: Nearly 40 years later Utahns still Rally for Earth Day
  • Montessori Students Learn about Environmental Quality
  • Student Science Standouts: DEQ Engineers Serve as Judges for Science Fair
  • Utah Legislature Slashes General Fund Budget
  • 2009 Water Week–A Splash, Organizers Say
  • Clean Air Competition Kicks Off in June
  • DEQ’s Dogged Determination Put Wheels in Motion
  • DEQ Employees Take Kids to Work and Learn From Them
  • DEQ Scientist Honored for Work in Underground Tanks
  • Drop Off drug disposal at Smith’s Drew Over a Hundred
  • DEQ’s New Webmaster at Home with Scientists
  • Gov Picks Utah Native to Run DEQ
  • Immigration Law will Impact Many DEQ Divisions
  • Majority of DEQ Employees Like Four-day Workweeks
  • Rio Tinto CEO Says Environment at Heart of Biz
  • It’s Official: Utah Senate Confirms Amanda Smith as DEQ Director
  • Just 5 months away! DEQ Prepares to join HS in move to new building next year
  • Mountain Green’s Unique Sewer System Prepares for Growth
  • Awards: DEQ Employees Making a Difference
  • Clean Utah Members Recognized for 2008 Accomplishments
  • DAQ Scientist Praised for Work on Reducing Haze in National Parks
  • Groundwater Protection: WQ Scientist Recognized for Database of Underground Wells
  • Legislation Sought to Fix Fund for Waste Management


  • 2008 Legislative Session: DEQ Seeks Passage of Water and Waste Bills
  • A Watershed Vision for Great Salt Lake
  • Clean Utah Membership Expands
  • Governor’s Budget seeks funds for Air and Mercury
  • 2008 Legislative Session: Environmental Bills Await Gov’s Pen
  • Air Quality and Employees Get Additional Money
  • All Aboard, UTA Frontrunner Commuter Train Arrives in April
  • DEQ Helping to Cure the Problem of Discarded Pills
  • Meals on Wheels Needs Volunteers: DEQ Secretary Saves Man from Heart Attack
  • DEQ Employees Put the Brakes on Driving Alone
  • Pilot Project to Shed Light on Proper Disposal of CFLs: Six Ace Hardware Stores will Take Burned-out Bulbs
  • Stay Tuned: What to Do with All the Old TVs
  • Tap Into Water Week: May 4-10
  • DEQ has its Designs on a New 'Greener' Building
  • DEQ Moves to 4-day Work Week to Benefit Employees and the Environment
  • Huntsman Praises PrePass: Trucking Technology Helps Clear the Air
  • Protecting the Great Salt Lake: Panel Paves Pathway to New Pollution Standard
  • State Sets Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goal
  • Cleaner School Buses on its Way
  • DEQ Survey Shows High Trust, Low Exposure Reaching Out to “Put a Face to DEQ”
  • Fall Events Highlight Green Energy
  • Rocky Mountain Power Honors DEQ for Participation in Blue Sky Renewable Energy
  • DEQ Seeks Feedback on 4-day Workweek
  • DEQ Teams with Mayors on “Idle-Free” Campaign
  • DEQ Water Managers Recognized Nationally
  • Recycling on the Rise, DEQ Survey Shows
  • South Valley Sewer District Placed 2nd in the Nation in Wastewater Pretreatment Category
  • Yoga Helps Workers Breathe Easier: DEQ Employees Getting Some Real Flex Time


  • Attorney for DEQ Awarded 2006 Lawyer of the Year
  • DEQ Supports Passage of Three Bills in 2007 Session
  • Governor’s Budget Includes Key DEQ Projects
  • Hydrologist Finalist for Work to fight Nuclear Waste
  • Leadership Grads Produce DEQ’s First Environment Report
  • Miller Receives Prestigious Science Medal
  • Scout Troop Highlights Dangers of Indoor Radon Gas
  • 2007 Legislative Session: Waste bill goes into Law; Others Await Gov’s Pen
  • Air Quality Forecasts Get Rave Reviews
  • Asthma Air Quality Study Extended to Cache County
  • Clean Utah Accepts Three, Advances One
  • Lawmakers Provide Money for Key DEQ Projects
  • 50 Years of Clean Water in Utah
  • Activities on Tap for Water Week May 6-12
  • DEQ Employees Take the Radon Challenge
  • DEQ Goes Greener: Ramps up Recycling, Energy and Air Quality
  • DEQ Hosts "Bring Your Child to Work" Day
  • Gov Honors DEQ Leadership Grads for Report
  • Partners turn Park City mine into ‘Green’ Resort
  • Water Quality Board Member gets Presidential Award
  • Building Green Gaining Momentum
  • EPA Region 8 Presents top Awards to Miller, Maulding, Cache County and Don Ostler
  • Green Light Given to Green Team Initiatives
  • New Leadership at DEQ: Sprott Takes Helm; Heying Heads Air
  • PowerForward Kickoff: Conserving Energy Paramount as State Grows
  • Utah Truck Stop Helps Truckers Spare the Air
  • Air Standards Protect Kids, Asthma Study Says
  • Menu of Energy Options Sent to the Governor
  • NRC Audit Finds Radiation Program Satisfactory
  • Report a Risk: DEQ Risk Committee Committed to Workplace Safety
  • Seven DEQ Employees Receive Manager Certification
  • Ex Deputy Director of DEQ Receives National Recognition
  • Gov. Kicks off Speaker’s Forum: Environment Ranks Among Top Issues with Governor
  • Utah Businesses Recognized for Reducing Pollution


  • Changes Sought on Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund
  • DEQ Honors First Leadership Group Grads
  • Energy Policy to be a Key Issue this Session
  • Governor Honors Radiation Manager for Tailings Removal
  • Governor’s Budget Restores Some DEQ Funding Cuts
  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Proposed for 10 Year Reauthorization
  • Mercury in Fish: Should Anglers Reel it in?
  • Water and Energy Key Environmental Issues, 2006 Legislative Session
  • 2006 Legislature Ends: Key Environmental Bills pass; Await Gov’s Signature
  • DEQ Employees Learn How to Deal with Conflict
  • DEQ Web Master Gives Site New Look
  • Mercury Testing At State Lab Helps Speed Up Analysis
  • Radiation Control Board Seeks Balanced Representation
  • Utah Businesses Benefit in Being a Clean Utah Partner
  • Utah Water Systems Work to Meet New Arsenic Rule
  • Air Study Gives Insight of Dust from Great Salt Lake
  • Internet Training Opportunities
  • Krauth Receives Prestigious Water Quality Service Award
  • Statewide Energy Conservation Campaign Begins in June
  • State Environmental Data to Aid National Children’s Study
  • State Loans Help Communities with Wastewater Needs
  • Utahns Kick Up Heels to Choose Clean Air in Sandy 5k Run
  • Water Quality Board Keeps Head above High Waters
  • Air Quality Board Aims to Clear the Air
  • Collaboration Key to Environmental Challenges Ahead
  • DEQ’s Wallace Awarded Recycler of the Year Award
  • Governor Pushes PowerForward
  • Utah’s E-Waste May Get Capitol Solution
  • DEQ’s Drinking Water Database Unveiled
  • School kids to Breathe Easier with Cleaner Buses
  • Small Town leads Utah in Wastewater Technology
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Board Looks Ahead
  • Cleaning up Eureka One Property at a Time
  • DEQ/Health Department Partnership Working
  • DEQ Employees Honored for Outstanding Work
  • Drinking Water is Safe, Clean & Taste Great too
  • In Memory of...
  • Utah Businesses Honored for Green Practices