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Oil & Gas Source Registration

Oil & gas sources in the State of Utah are required to register with the Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) in accordance with R307-505. The registration process will help UDAQ identify oil and gas facilities on state lands, thereby increasing the resolution of oil and gas emissions inventories and allowing for more comprehensive compliance assessments. Operators will find that many fields and quantities requested in the registration may be transferred from the 2017 Oil & Gas Emissions Inventory workbook or are already regularly collected regularly by the Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining (DOGM).

The registration requirement applies to new and existing industries involved in oil and natural gas exploration, production, and transmission operations; well production facilities; natural gas compressor stations; natural gas processing plants and commercial oil and gas disposal wells, and evaporation ponds. Sources with an approval order are exempt from registration.

To begin the registration process, download the Registration Workbook and the User Manual (pdf).

Download Registration Workbook Here

Email completed registration workbooks to For existing sources, registration is due by July 1, 2018. Sources that are identified after January 1, 2018 must submit a complete registration 30 days prior to beginning operation.

Permit By Rule

Oil and gas sources make up a significant portion of the emissions inventory in Utah. A majority of these sources are either minor sources, or exempt small sources, under Utah State Rules. Over the past few years, oil and gas wells have made up over half of the minor source permit requests to UDAQ. To provide a more streamlined permitting approach to these sources, obtain more efficiency in the utilization of the UDAQ’s resources, and gather needed information to oversee these sources, UDAQ has adopted several rules and amendments to a collection of existing rules that regulate oil and gas sources. The requirements outlined in these rules are referred to as permit by rule (PBR), as their enforcement will replace many individual permits.

Operators should examine the rules and flowchart below to determine their eligibility for the PBR.


PBR Eligibility Flowchart (pdf)


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