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Individuals Authorized to Perform Well Grout Sealing Witness

Administered by the Utah Division of Drinking Water


Per Rule R309-515-6(5)(b) the following individuals are authorized to witness the well sealing (grouting) of a public drinking water well:

  • Engineer or a geologist from the Division of Drinking Water.
  • District Engineer of the Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Authorized representative of the Division of Water Rights.
  • Individual having written authorization from the Division of Drinking Water Director.

The following is a list of individuals having written authorization to witness well sealing procedures:

Name & Email
Phone #
Jerry Bronicel Water-Tite Consulting
(801) 207-7821
Neil Burk, P.G. Loughlin Water Associates
(435) 649-4005
George Condrat, P.E., P.G. Loughlin Water Associates, LLC
(435) 649-4005
Michael Georgeson, P.E.  
(801) 615-0334
Chris Mikell, P.G. Bowen Collins & Associates
(801) 495-2224
Brandon R. Nielsen, P.E. JUB Engineers, Inc.
(801) 547-0393
Mark E. Chandler, P.E. CRS Engineers - Caldwell Richards Sorensen
(801) 359-5565