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Industrial Storm Water (UPDES)

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General Multi-Sector Industrial Storm Water Permit

Permit Coverage

Create Online Account (NOI) for New Permits/Access to Existing Permits

  • Create Online Account/Access to Existing Permits
    First create an "" account, then "login" to the database to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) for coverage under the general permit (see Permit Coverage).  An annual fee of $150 is required.  The online account cannot be used to renew permits. If you need a hard copy of the NOI form, download here: DOC | PDF
  • Industrial Storm Water Notice of Termination: DOC | PDF
    An industrial activity may submit a Notice of Termination (NOT) form when their facilities no longer have any storm water discharges.
  • No Discharge Form: DOC | PDF
    An industrial facility that does not discharge may formally opt for exclusion from obtaining an Industrial Storm Water Permit by signing and submitting a No Discharge form to the DWQ.

  • No Exposure Certification: PDF
    An industrial facility may opt for exclusion from an Industrial Storm Water Permit by submitting a No Exposure Certification that is available online or as a hard copy. A condition of no exposure exists when all industrial materials and activities are protected by a storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snow melt, and/or runoff. Beginning July 1, 2015, the fee will be $100 for the five-year certification period.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

  • General SWPPP Template
    Use the SWPPP template to comply with UPDES general permit requirements.

  • General SWPPP Worksheet
    Use the SWPPP Worksheet to compile a list of potential pollutant sources, pollutants, BMPs, and site inspections.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

Related Resources

  • EPA's Stormwater Page
    EPA’s Stormwater Web page that provides technical and regulatory information about the NPDES stormwater program.

Program Contacts