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Bike & Public Transportation a Winning Situation

By Bob Ford

Since I work for the Utah Division of Air Quality, I guess I better “walk the walk if I talk the talk” (no pun intended!). Actually, I have a new saying when trying to encourage friends to walk, bike, trip chain, use public transportation, etc. …

If Bob can do it, you can do it.”

Bob Ford

I made a decision at the beginning part of the year that I should be making a better effort to “spare the air.

About nine years ago, we built a home that was close enough to a TRAX station to make it convenient for me to walk to the station and use public transportation. Since the Draper TRAX extension has opened, I am making more of an effort to use public transportation.

Using my bike and public transportation is a win, win, win situation. I save money on gas, I exercise and I help minimize my impact on our air quality problems.

I use my time on TRAX very effectively—making telephone calls, checking email, and reading. And here is where the If Bob can do it, you can do it” comes in—next year I turn 60, and the first digit in my weight is a 3!

If I can ride my bike and use public transportation, so can you! Remember: “If Bob can do it, you can do it!”

I have worked for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality for 22 years and have over 30 years of work experience in the environmental field in both the public and private sectors.

Manager of the Air Toxics, Lead-Based Paint, and Asbestos Section within the Division of Air Quality.

I enjoy most sports but love college football, cycling and NASCAR (I know, DAQ AND NASCAR…but, they are using oxygenated fuels at the race tracks the last couple of years). My wife and I enjoy traveling internationally and visiting our National Parks.


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