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Blue Sky Program = Energy Savings

By Rik Ombach

For those of you who are not familiar with Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Program, it is a voluntary option on your electric bill that supports renewable energy development. Specifically, the program supports wind and solar energy programs throughout Utah and the region as well as educational programs on renewable energy. Each “block” of renewable energy costs $1.95 and if you want, you can make all of the energy your home uses come from supported renewable energy. Some local businesses have used this program to advertise that all of their power is from renewable sources. I purchased one block of renewable energy to show my support for renewable energy programs.

I thought it was interesting that there was a bill this last session to add $1.00 to all of our utility bills to allow the public to support air quality programs. I heard this bill was presented in response to a recent survey by Envision Utah that indicated 99% of Utahns are willing to take personal action to improve air quality. While the bill failed, this program is available for you to use right now!

There are 38,000 people in the State that participate in the Blue Sky program. That is a fair amount of people, but statewide, this is a small fraction of the population. The Blue Sky Program is one way to promote renewable energy and contribute to projects like the recently announced solar farm that Blue Sky is helping to fund.

Rik Ombach
To learn more about Blue Sky, check out the program and familiarize yourself with the different resources available. Make that leap today and sign up to help out our air by supporting renewable energy development.

I have been with DEQ for more than 14 years. I spent 11 years with the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation, and the last three years with the Division of Air Quality in the Minor Source Compliance Section doing inspections. I have over 20 years of military experience and am presently serving in the Air National Guard. My hobbies include anything outdoors, but I mostly enjoy canyoneering in Southern Utah with family and friends. I’m looking forward to an upcoming dive trip to Guam in May 2014.


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