Converted Vehicles:
Jan. 1 2015 – Dec. 31 2016 Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit Rules

Taxpayers may claim a non refundable tax credit of 50% of the cost of equipment for conversion minus any grant received, up to $1,500 per vehicle registered in Utah if:

  • it is to be fueled by a clean fuel (propane, natural gas, or electricity);
  • it is to be fueled by another fuel determined by the Air Quality Board to be as effective as the above listed fuels;
  • it will meet the clean fuel vehicle standards in the Clean Air Act; or,
  • the motor vehicle has a reduction of emissions as outlined in Utah Code 59-7-605 (1)(j) and 59-10-1009 (1) (j); and,
  • it was converted in the taxable year that the conversion occurred.

Required Documentation to be submitted with the TC40V

The following are the requirements to demonstrate eligibility for motor vehicles converted to a clean fuel:

  • an original or copy of the purchase order, customer invoice, or receipt that includes:
    • the name of the taxpayer seeking the credit:
    • the name, address, and phone number of the person that converted the motor vehicle to run on a clean fuel:
    • the VIN:
    • the date of conversion: and,
    • the price of the conversion equipment installed on the motor vehicle; and,
  • a copy of the current Utah vehicle registration in the name of the taxpayer seeking the credit.
  • a signed statement by the person who converted the motor vehicle certifying that the conversion does not tamper with, circumvent, or otherwise affect the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system, in accordance with 19-1-406(2).

Proof of purchase requirements for vehicles converted to a clean fuel can be found in R307-121-7