Converted Vehicles: Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2014 Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit Rules

Taxpayers may claim a non refundable tax credit of 50% of the cost of equipment for conversion minus any grant received, up to $2,500 per vehicle registered in Utah if:

  • it is to be fueled by a clean fuel (propane, natural gas, or electricity);
  • it is to be fueled by another fuel determined by the Air Quality Board to be as effective as the above listed fuels;
  • it will meet the clean fuel vehicle standards in the Clean Air Act; or,
  • the motor vehicle has a reduction of emissions as outlined in Utah Code 59-7-605 (1)(i) and 59-10-1009 (1) (i); and,

Required Documentation to be Submitted with the TC40V

The following are the requirements to demonstrate eligibility for motor vehicles converted to a clean fuel:

  • an original or copy of the purchase order, customer invoice, or receipt that includes:
    • the name of the taxpayer seeking the credit;
    • the name, address, and phone number of the person that converted the motor vehicle to run on a clean fuel;
    • the VIN;
    • the date of conversion; and,
    • the price of the conversion equipment installed on the motor vehicle; and,
  • a copy of the current Utah vehicle registration in the name of the taxpayer seeking the credit.

Proof of purchase requirements for vehicles converted to a clean fuel can be found in R307-121-5.