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Earth Month: Mow Down Emissions at Lawnmower Exchange

NOTE: this is an archive news post from 2015.

DEQ is not participating in an exchange this year. Find information about Weber State’s program:

By Lisa Burr

Electric Mower
Electric mowers are an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered mowers

This year’s mild winter and early spring have most of us thinking about yard work earlier than we normally would. My weekend chores have included yardwork for the past two months, and it’s only April! There’s a certain satisfaction that comes along with working out in the sunshine, pulling out all the lawn machinery, and bringing the yard back to life.

Summertime and the smell of the lawnmower fumes combined with fresh cut grass just go hand-in-hand, but at what cost? Have you ever wondered about the emissions from your noisy lawnmower? You may be surprised to learn that emissions from one 4-stroke lawnmower operating for one hour is equivalent to one average vehicle traveling 500 miles.

Electric lawnmowers are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered mowers. Unlike gas mowers, electric mowers don’t emit pollutants that contribute to the formation of summer ozone. They also don’t expose users to harmful gasoline fumes when they refuel their equipment.

The Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) wants to help clean the air by incentivizing homeowners to switch to electric lawnmowers. DAQ will be hosting a lawnmower discount and exchange event in early May — just in time for summer!

We will offer the Kobalt, 40-volt, 20-inch, cordless electric push lawn mower with mulching capability at a discounted price of $175 — a significant savings from the retail price of $399. If you turn in an old, gasoline mower to scrap, you can purchase the electric mower for $100.

The event will be held at the DEQ in our south parking lot on Saturday, May 2, 2015.To purchase a discounted lawn mower, participants must agree to and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be pre-registered using the online registration form.
  • Must agree to the terms and conditions as part of the registration process.
  • Must be a Utah resident.
  • Only one electric lawn mower per household may be purchased at the event.
  • Only one gasoline-powered lawn mower can be exchanged for an additional discount toward the purchase of an electric lawn mower and must be in operable condition with the oil and gas removed.
  • Only dry, gasoline-powered mowers will be accepted as waste at this event. No other waste will be allowed.
  • Must be present at the event in order to purchase the offered electric mower at the discounted price.
  • Neither UDEQ nor Lowe’s will refund the purchase of any electric lawn mower purchased at the event; UDEQ will not be a party to any exchange of a lawn mower purchased at the event. The purchaser is responsible for registering the electric lawn mower for a 5-year warranty that is included with purchase.
  • Only credit cards will be accepted for payment. No cash, checks, or debit cards will be accepted.

Electric lawnmowers are good for the environment and help us all breathe a little easier. We hope to see you there!

 [In 2015, registration opened on April 22. There were 389 mowers available]
Lisa Burr

I have worked for the Division of Air Quality for six years. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Weber State University and was employed there for 13 years before coming to DAQ. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, camping, traveling, and spending time with my sisters (that’s me on the right.)

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