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Here’s Some Cash to Reduce Emissions

 By Lisa Burr

I work in the Mobile Sources and Transportation Section at the Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) and administer a few of the incentive programs the State offers for reducing emissions from vehicles and non-road equipment. Since vehicle emissions are a significant contributor to air pollution, our section gets many inquiries about what the State is doing to reduce emissions from these sources.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station at DEQ

One of the tools the State provides that I get to tell people about is the Clean Fuel and Vehicle Technology Grant and Loan Program. More than $1.2 million in grants and $366,667 in loans have been awarded to 18 different businesses and government entities since 2008. Projects have included the conversion of cars, trucks and shuttle buses to natural gas, as well as the purchase of natural gas refuse trucks, freight trucks, transit buses, street sweepers, aerial truck towers, glass recycling vehicles and refueling stations. Although we typically see an influx of natural gas projects in the applications we receive, vehicles fueled by electricity and propane are also eligible.

We’re hoping that new enhancements to the program this year will bring a diverse pool of applications to choose from. For instance, the process for awarding refueling infrastructure projects has been streamlined, making it easier for electric vehicle charging stations, or natural gas and propane refueling equipment projects, to receive funding. Also, electric-hybrid vehicles are now eligible and the award limitations have been raised, so more projects can receive funding and we can reduce emissions.

Help us get the word out to businesses and government entities you may come in contact with and invite them to download an application and learn more about the program from our website. Applications are due by Oct. 3, 2014. Awards will be announced by Jan. 9, 2015.
Lisa Burr

I have worked for DAQ for five years. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Weber State University and was employed there for 13 years before coming to DAQ.  I enjoy cooking, entertaining, camping, traveling and spending time with my sisters.

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