Understanding Tier 3 in Utah

Feb. 17, 2020

By DEQ Communications Office

Since 2017, when Gov. Gary Herbert announced that Utah refineries would start producing Tier 3 gas, Utah residents have had a lot of questions about the cleaner fuel.

In this week’s installment of #IamUtahDEQ video series, we take a ride with Glade Sowards, a policy analyst with Utah’s Division of Air Quality, to get the answers to all your Tier 3 questions. Check it out at the video above.

The Tier 3 program is part of a comprehensive approach to reducing the impacts of vehicles on air quality and public health. Tier 3 considers the vehicle and its fuel as an integrated system, setting new vehicle emissions standards and a new gasoline standard. The standards took effect in 2017. In January 2019, the major refineries along the Wasatch Front started producing the new low-sulfur fuel. Today, it is available to residents throughout Utah.