Wood Stove Conversion Assistance Program

Coming October 2018!

Residents may be eligible to receive up to a $3,800 incentive to convert their existing fire place or wood stove into a natural gas or propane device.


The Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ), through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has developed a wood smoke reduction incentive program for homeowners to reduce wintertime pollution from wood burning in the seven counties that currently fail to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standard for fine particulates. The program will begin accepting online applications in the fall of 2018.

Program Summary

Financial incentives are available for homeowners who reside in portions of Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah and Weber counties who wish to:

  • Exchange an operational wood stove (including pellet) for a gas stove (natural gas or propane);
  • Convert a fireplace to a gas fireplace (natural gas or propane);
  • Exchange an operational uncertified wood stove for an EPA certified wood stove; or
  • Turn in their operational wood stove or insert for recycling.
Rebate Amounts for Wood Smoke Reduction Program


Device Change-out

Rebate Amount

Low-income households

Non low-income households

1 Any operational wood stove/insert or open fireplace to natural gas- or propane-fueled stove/insert $3,800 $2,800
2 Operational uncertified wood stove/insert or fireplace to EPA-certified wood stove/insert $500 $500
3 Turn-in your operational  wood stove for metal recycling $250

Low-income Household Qualifications:

Applicants may request low-income status if the total household income is equal to or below the levels below.

Number of Dependents Total Household Income
1 $30,150
2 $40,600
3 $51,050
4 $61,500
5 $71,950
6 $82,400
7 $92,850
8 $103,300
Additional dependent add $8,360


Applicants must be the legal owner of the home or rental property. Renters may not participate. Homes must be located within the regions shown on the map.

  • Applicants are limited to any combination of 2 incentives awards. For example, an applicant may wish to turn in a wood stove for the metal recycling (option 3) and change-out another wood stove for a newly purchased gas stove (option 1 or  option 2).
  • Wood stoves must be operational.
  • All purchases, installation, and decommissioning work must be performed by a DAQ authorized dealer. A list of authorized dealers will be included in the award document.

Program Instructions and Funding

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Eligible applications will be issued an award number. The award will expire 30 days from the date it is issued.

Option 1 and option 2 incentive funding is paid directly to the DAQ authorized dealer. The dealer will reduce the cost of the purchase per the DAQ authorized incentive at the time of purchase.

Option 3 is paid by DAQ to the homeowner upon receipt of proper documentation that the wood stove has been received for recycling at a DAQ authorized recycling center.

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