Wood Stove and Fireplace Conversion Assistance Program

Sold Out!

The November 7, 2022 multi-county event has been sold out. Thank you for your interest. Another event is scheduled for February 6, 2023.

How Do I Register?

  • At 6:00 a.m. on the day of each event, the following button will link to that event’s registration form.
  • No pre-registration or passwords are required.
  • Each event is already linked in the schedule below. You can skip a visit to this page by bookmarking those event pages and visiting them directly at 6:00 a.m. on the day of each event.
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When is the Next Event?

Box Elder, Davis, Salt Lake, and Weber Counties

Each of the following events will be limited to 150 registrants:

Cache County (Waitlist Only)

What is the Conversion Program?

The program ONLY applies to houses:

  • Where wood is the sole source of heat (primary wood burner) or;
  • Where wood is used to supplement a substantial amount of home heating throughout the cold season (secondary wood burner).
  • In these counties: Box Elder, Davis, Salt Lake County, and Weber.

The program IS NOT for:

  • Remodeling.
  • Counties not listed above.

The Wood Stove and Fireplace Conversion Assistance Incentive Program is intended to improve winter time air quality by reducing wood smoke pollutants.

The program provides grant funding to households to lower the cost of replacing a wood-burning heating device with cleaner options.

Does My Home Qualify?


  • Must be a primary or secondary wood burner for at least 1 complete cold season.
  • Applicant must be the legal owner of the home.
  • Home must be the owner’s primary residence.
  • All purchases, installation, and decommissioning work must be performed by a DAQ authorized dealer.


  • No new homeowners (less than 1 yr.).
  • No rental or commercial properties.
  • No fireplace or wood stove that is not in working order.
  • No fireplace or wood stove that has previously been taken out of service.
  • No heating device conversion in attached buildings or garages.
  • No projects that have already been installed.
  • No homeowners who only occasionally use their wood stove/fireplace.
  • No existing gas burner in a fireplace.
  • Awards may not be used for remodeling or finishing work.

Qualifying Counties

The program is restricted to these counties:

  • Box Elder
  • Davis
  • Salt Lake
  • Weber

How do I sign up?

  1. Make sure you meet eligibility requirements and income limitations (if applicable).
  2. On this page, a button will appear at the top if there is an event available. This button will take you to the Eventbrite registration page.
  3. Registration fills up very quickly! Make sure you are on the Eventbrite registration page right when registration opens.
  4. Refresh the Eventbrite page to see the REGISTER button appear at the top (try a “hard” refresh by pressing shift+cntrl+r [Windows] or shift+cmd+r [Mac]).
  5. Be sure to complete all of the required form fields.

Important: Ensure that the email address you use when registering will not block return messages from a utah.gov address! Some business and education email accounts have been blocking award notifications or sending them to the junk folder.

What happens after I register?

  • You will receive an email from Eventbrite confirming your registration (this is not a guarantee for getting an incentive award).
  • These events are for a waitlist only and are not a guarantee of registration or incentive award.
  • You will be notified of your status within 14 days of the registration closure.
  • If you qualify and your place in the waitlist is reached, you will be notified with an email containing instructions on how to complete the application process.

Program Instructions and Funding

Eligible applicants are issued an award voucher that expires 30 days from the date it is given to the homeowner, unless the recipient enters into a contract with a program approved vendor. The project under this program must be completed within 100 days of receiving an award.

Once you enter into contract with an approved vendor, you must give the vendor your award voucher for processing. The vendor will reduce the cost of the purchase by the amount of the voucher at the time of purchase. Reimbursements are paid directly to DAQ approved vendors.

Rebate Amounts for Wood Smoke Reduction Program

Award OptionsRebate Amount

Low-income households

Non low-income households

Converting a wood stove or fireplace to a propane or natural gas fueled appliance (program excludes gas logs)Up to $4,300Up to $3,000
Converting a wood stove or fireplace to an electric applianceUp to $2,000Up to $1,000

Low-Income Household Qualifications:

Applicants may request low-income status if the total household income is equal to or below the levels below.

Number of people claimed* on your federal tax returnAdjusted Gross Household Income
Additional exempt add$11,800

* Please note that each household member counts if claimed on your federal tax return. For example, a household that claims a husband, wife, and two children would look under four (4) for the household income levels.

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