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ZOOm Go Electric: Clean Transportation at a Discount Price

By Clayton Johnson, Guest Blogger

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DEQ invites guest bloggers to share their thoughts on issues that impact our environment. We appreciate their insights and the opportunity to broaden the conversation with others in the community.

Local nonprofit organizations Utah Clean Energy and Utah’s Hogle Zoo have joined forces to offer the ZOOm Go Electric program, which aims to tackle the Wasatch Front’s air quality issues. The goal of ZOOm Go Electric is to improve local air quality by facilitating increased adoption of clean, electric transportation options. To reach this goal, the program offers community members the opportunity to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or an electric bicycle (E-bike) through a streamlined process and at a discounted price.

Electric car at charging station
Electric vehicles are quiet, easy to drive, and protect our air quality.

Electric Vehicles and E-bikes can help us address our air quality issues because they emit zero tailpipe emissions. They contribute far less emissions compared to gasoline cars, even taking into consideration the upstream emissions from the electricity generation required for charging. Currently, cars and trucks are responsible for roughly half of the criteria air pollutant emissions that cause poor air quality days. Because EVs and E-bikes contribute up to 99 percent less of some of these pollutants, the increased adoption of these cleaner transportation options represents an important tool for addressing air quality issues along the Wasatch Front.

Electric bike at the Hogle Zoo
Why not ride an E-bike the next time you visit Hogle Zoo?

Grant funding from the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) made this program possible. UCAIR has also supported Utah Clean Energy’s past EV discount programs. In 2016, Utah Clean Energy formed partnerships with the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Weber State University, and Utah State University to offer the U Drive Electric and Drive Electric Northern Utah programs. Through both programs, 231 community members purchased electric vehicles last year.

ZOOm Go Electric participants can take advantage of discounts of up to 25 percent on EVs and up to 45 percent on E-bikes from five participating EV dealers and nine participating bike shops. The program discounts are pre-negotiated based on a group-purchase model and come directly from the participating vendors. ZOOm Go Electric gives individual community members the opportunity to take proactive steps towards improving local air quality for all. Make the switch to clean electric transportation with ZOOm Go Electric. Don’t delay! The program ends May 31st.

Interested community members can learn more and enroll in the program at www.zoomgoelectric.orgAfter enrolling, participants will receive a confirmation email with a discount code and instructions about how to follow up with the EV dealers and bike shops of their choice. Those who wish to participate have until May 31st to sign up and make a purchase.
Clayton Johnson

I’ve been with Utah Clean Energy since 2015. The majority of my time is focused on coordinating Utah Clean Energy’s Community Solar and Drive Electric programs, both of which are increasing the adoption of rooftop solar and electric vehicles in Utah through community outreach, a streamlined process, and discounted prices. Originally from Florida, I moved to Utah to attend the University of Utah where I received my bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies in 2014. 

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