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Fee Summary

Air Quality

Approval orders range from $250 to more than $31,500 and are based upon the size, type, and complexity of the facility. Operating permits are assessed annual fees, based upon yearly emissions.

Drinking Water

No fees.

Underground Storage Tanks

Registration fees of $100 for tanks on the PST Fund, or $200 for those not on the PST Fund, are required yearly on all regulated underground storage tanks.

Tanks participating in the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund are also assessed a per tank fee of either $50 or $150, depending on facility throughput.

Waste Management and Radiation Control

Radiation Control Fees

Licensing fees range from $150 to $1 million. Common fees include $440 for portable or fixed gauging devices and $1100 for medical use of radioactive material. Machine registration is $35 per control unit and the first X-ray tube. Additional X-ray tubes connected to the same unit are $35 each. Additional fees are charged for routine machine inspections. Annual and renewal fees are also assessed.

Waste Management and Radiation Control Fees

Fees range from $50 to $100 for used oil, up to $5,000 for solid waste and $50,000 to $200,000 for hazardous waste permits, depending upon the type of facility. Fees are also charged for permit modifications. The waste tire transporter or recycler registration fee is $100.

Water Quality

Fees range from $500 to $10,800, depending upon type, size, and complexity or proposed facility.


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