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Town of Stockton

Solid Waste Facility Fact Sheet: Class IIIb Landfill

January 2010 (Permit #0904)

Facility Owner: Town of Stockton
Facility Operator: Town of Stockton
Property Owner: N/A
Facility Location: Township 4 South, Range 5 West, Section 26, SLBM. The site is located within the property owned by the Town of Stockton and is located . The landfill site is located approximately ¼ mile southwest of the Town of Stockton.
Remaining Capacity:


8.88 Cubic Yards: 5,000
Tons: 0.48 Years: 20
Waste Accepted: All soils excavated are required to be disposed in accordance with EPA agreement with the Town of Stockton. This landfill will only accept lead-impacted soils from excavation from the sewer system installation or from miscellaneous residential soil excavation.
Waste Excluded: N/A
Permit Effective Date: January 31, 2010
Facility Contact: Mark Whitney, Mayor
Town of Stockton
PO Box 240
Stockton, UT 84071
Phone: (435) 882-3877
DEQ Contact: Roy Van Os
Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control
PO Box 144880
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4880
Phone: (801) 536-0245
Local Health Department:

Tooele Co. Health Department
151 North Main Street
Tooele, Utah 84074
Telephone: (435) 843-2300
Fax: (435) 843-2304

Contact Person: Jeff Coombs, EHS Director
Environmental Health
Phone: (435) 843-2345
Cell: (435) 830-2014

Facility Documents:


For more information, please contact Allan Moore (801) 536-0211.