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BizHelp: Ombudsman

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DEQ’s Ombudsman receives and investigates complaints made by citizens regarding potential abuses of discretion or arbitrary or capricious acts of the agency. Some examples could be that the agency failed to issue a permit in a timely manner, failed to enforce a permit or regulation, or an employee failed to act properly during an inspection or site visit. From a small business perspective, you may feel that the agency failed to take into account special problems or issues that a small business may have. The Ombudsman's goal is to be as impartial and neutral as possible in determinations of whether the agency or the individual’s actions were fair and reasonable then work to ensure an equitable resolution. When appropriate or necessary to correct or resolve an issue the Ombudsman will notify the Director’s Office of his findings. The Ombudsman cannot unilaterally reverse existing rules or decisions.

Contact Information:
Paul Harding | Director's Office | Ombudsman
Phone: 801.536.4108