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Clean Utah

Clean Utah is a voluntary program that encourages and rewards Utah businesses and other permit holders for going beyond compliance to preserve and protect Utah’s environment. Clean Utah supports the goal of environmental excellence through the integration of continuous improvement into business management and operations typically in the form of a prevention-based Environmental Management System …

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DEQ Helps Businesses Be Green, Stay Green

By Paul Harding Increasingly, businesses are integrating environmental sustainability practices into their long-term strategies. They find that sustainability is not only good for the environment, it’s good for their bottom line. So what does environmental sustainability look like for businesses? It can mean reducing waste, cutting energy use, or recycling materials. I work in DEQ’s …

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Energy Efficiency

By Frances Bernards As a consultant for DEQ’s business assistance program, I help businesses realize the environmental and cost-saving benefits of energy efficiency. The Third Annual Governor’s Energy Development Summit held this week (June 3-4) devotes an entire track to the topic. Why? The opportunities for energy efficiency are rapidly improving due to the availability …

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