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Lincoln Marina and Lincoln Beach Closed Again due to Harmful Algal Bloom

The Utah County Health Department (UCHD) has closed Lincoln Marina and Lincoln Beach after test results showed very high cyanobacteria cell counts and high microcystin levels from a persistent harmful algal bloom that has plagued the area for much of the summer. A Warning Advisory for the rest of the lake remains in place.

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Radon Testing on Goshute Reservation Helps Improve Tribal Health

Utah DEQ teamed up with the University of Utah to test homes on the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation for a variety of environmental contaminants, including radon. When five of the 11 homes tested showed elevated levels of radon, mitigation company Radovent volunteered to install mitigation systems on two of the homes for free.

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Wildfire’s Impact on Our Environment

Widespread wildfires in summertime —and, now, even springtime—are rapidly becoming the “new normal” in the American West. Along with the destruction and loss of forest caused by blazes, there are immediate and long-term environmental impacts that dramatically affect vital resources.

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