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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

By Paul Harding Why am I measuring my carbon footprint? Because my daily activities impact the environment. Understanding these impacts is the first step to reducing them. It’s also a way to see how significant improvements can be the result of seemingly small changes in behavior. Some changes are obvious, like reducing the miles I …

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Bike & Public Transportation a Winning Situation

By Bob Ford Since I work for the Utah Division of Air Quality, I guess I better “walk the walk if I talk the talk” (no pun intended!). Actually, I have a new saying when trying to encourage friends to walk, bike, trip chain, use public transportation, etc. … If Bob can do it, you …

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Utah DEQ: Chat With Us Around the Dinner Table

By Amanda Smith I love Utah. My family settled here many years ago, and I’m glad that they decided to call this place home. I spent much of my childhood enjoying Utah’s beautiful natural environment, from skiing in our mountains to camping in the desert. I want to provide my children with those same exceptional …

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