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Acronyms and Definitions: Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

A/C: Air Conditioning AC: Alternating Current ac-ft: Acre Feet; a volume of water covering an acre a foot deep (43,560 cubic feet). air-vac: Air Vacuum Valves ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery AWWA: American Water Works Association C: The discharge coefficient used in the Hazen Williams equation of flow (the higher the C value the higher …

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Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program Handbook

Jump to: Energy Savings Potential How to Use the Handbook Finding the Right Consultant Drinking Water Board’s State Revolving Fund Handbook–Full Version, Printable This handbook was prepared to provide water system operators and managers with ideas on how to save a significant amount of money by reducing the cost of power necessary to provide water …

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Drinking Water: Division Helps Water Systems Uncover Energy Cost Savings

By Frances Bernards The “water-energy nexus” has been getting a lot of press lately—the nexus being the relationship between how much water is used to generate and transmit energy and how much energy it takes to deliver water to homes, businesses, and industry. While awareness has been growing about the amount of water needed to …

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