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Utah Energy Policy Proposal: Energy Development

Objectives Listed in Utah Energy Policy Coordinate reviews across departments and with federal agencies to fast track regulatory response and Streamline state regulatory processes and encourage expedited federal action. Assumptions about Objectives The Single Point review Process will not replace existing regulatory requirements but will seek a way to accelerate actions within current legal and …

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Utah Energy Partners: Energy Development

State Agencies Agency Regulatory Role Department of Environmental Quality Office of Planning and Public Affairs Coordinate Single Point Review and Pre-Design meetings Division of Air Quality Clean Air Act (CAA) Utah Air Conservation Act Division of Water Quality Clean Water Act (CWA) Utah Water Quality Act Division of Drinking Water Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) …

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Single-Point Review Process: Energy Development

On March 14, 2001, former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt issued an Energy Policy for the State of Utah and established a Single Point Review Process within the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The purpose of the Single-Point Review Process is to fast-track regulatory processes, not shortchange environmental requirements. The Single-Point Review Process will not replace …

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