Category: Solid Waste

Environmental Stewardship

By Donna Kemp Spangler DEQ employees constantly inspire me to “up my game” when it comes to environmental stewardship. And each of them is a walking reminder that each person can make a difference. A significant and growing number of DEQ employees take mass transit or carpool to work. Air Quality Director Bryce Bird drives a …

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Reusable? Be Environmentally Friendly

By Hilary Arens So how does “Every Day is Earth Day” work at my house? Well, with toddler twins, some days just feel like survival until bedtime! But since both my husband and I are environmentalists and both work for DEQ, we have instilled some habits in our home that even on the busiest days …

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Recycling, Reducing, Re-purposing

By Candace Cady I have slowly become more and more obsessed with…R’s! R’s you ask? Yes, Recycling, Reducing, Re-purposing and Refusing. It started with potato peels and carrot peels and a little book about composting. Then the county delivered the blue bin. In went the cardboard boxes from the warehouse food stores. In went the …

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