Solar Energy is POWERfully Successful

By John Kennington

I’m somewhat a tinkerer and like to keep busy at home with an occasional project. So over my 30-plus years in Utah, I’ve stacked up more than a few “home projects” on this modest little abode. As a child of the 1960’s in California, I developed an earthy consciousness that’s kind-of stuck with me over the years. Naturally, that inclination has worked itself into some of these home projects. That’s to say, some of my boondoggles, from adding insulation or skylights, or a “sun room,” to most recently, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, has actually, really, resulted in some energy savings here at home!

As you may be aware, Rocky Mountain Power allows PV system owners to connect their systems to the electrical grid in “net metering” mode. That is, when your system produces more power than the home is using, that power is pushed back into the grid, essentially turning your electric meter backwards. So you get credit for the excess power you produce, and can also draw any extra power you need from the grid when your system is producing less than your home is using (night time and cloudy days). You are able to save production credit for a full year, until the credit is set back to zero every April Fool’s Day.

Fortunately, over the past year that just ended about two weeks ago, the sun shined on us and our PV system was able to produce more power than we used over the entire year. Many thanks to my powerfully frugal family!

15april2014_john-225x300Want to learn more about solar energy or how you can go solar at your home? Check out Solar Simplified, Utah’s one-stop shop for information on solar energy for your home or business.

I’ve worked in the Division of Water Quality for some 23½ years now and am presently engaged in the Clean Water Act program to protect Utah’s natural surface waters. I’m here to help protect and enhance our quality of life and the tremendous natural beauty we all enjoy in Utah. Although not a native, I’ve lived here in the same house for some 36 years, so this is really “Home!”