2018 State of the Environment Report (ERR)

DERR’s Brownfields program helps return properties complicated by the presence or possible presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants to beneficial reuse.

Brownfields include property where the expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. The assessment and cleanup of these sites is a significant step in returning Brownfields properties to beneficial use.

EPA Brownfields Grants

Community-Wide Assessment Grants

Carbon County received an EPA Brownfields Program Coalition Community-Wide Assessment Grant in Spring 2018. Grant funds will be used to inventory and prioritize sites, conduct Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and develop cleanup plans for selected sites. Grant funds will also be used to support community outreach activities. Assessment activities are anticipated to focus on the cities of East Carbon, Helper, Price and Wellington. DERR is a partner in the grant process and helped the county by reviewing the grant, providing technical assistance and issuing a letter of support.

Assessment work continued in other communities as well. Salt Lake County and Provo City used assessment funding previously awarded by EPA to evaluate properties in their respective communities/jurisdictions. DERR continued to provide technical assistance by reviewing and commenting on various work plans and reports.

Provo City has a very long and productive working relationship with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality staff members at various levels. Bill Rees and Brent Everett, in particular, have provided invaluable insight and assistance in moving former Brownfields sites from abandoned and stagnate to remediation and economically productive. It has been a partnership of getting things done. With an eye to not only protecting the environment, DEQ staff have helped Provo City navigate the details of grant opportunities and funding to working through the challenges of post-remediation site management plans and keeping projects moving during construction.”

–Dixon Holmes, Former Deputy Mayor, Provo City

Cleanup Grant – Centro Civico Mexicano

Centro Civico Brownfields Cleanup

Centro Civico Mexicano, a non-profit organization, was previously awarded a cleanup grant to help fund the removal of impacted soil from its property in downtown Salt Lake City to build affordable senior housing. As part of the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), Centro completed the cleanup of Pracel B of the property and was issued a Certificate of Completion in December 2018, removing uncertainty on this portion of the site and allowing the planned senior-housing project to move forward.

“If it wasn’t for DEQ, this project would have never happened. We are so appreciative of DEQ’s assistance with our application for the Brownsfield grant. The staff met with us, gave us advice, and helped us every step of the way. The environmental cleanup is essential for the Centro Civico Mexicano Redevelopment to move forward, and we are grateful for DEQ’s support in making it possible.”

–Brandy Farmer, President/CEO Centro Civico Americano

Area-Wide Planning Grant – Orem City

Orem City used EPA grant funds throughout the year to hold several public meetings and to draft a long-range plan for the cleanup and reuse of Brownfields sites along the Geneva Road Corridor. DERR assisted the city by attending stakeholder meetings and providing technical assistance relative to Brownfields and future assessment activities. Orem City expects the Area-Wide Plan to be completed in the coming year and is currently anticipating an application for an EPA Brownfields Program Community-Wide Assessment grant.