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Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Rulemaking Updates on Proposed Revisions to R309-405. Administrative Penalty.

The Division of Drinking Water is informally seeking comments on proposed revisions to R309-405 prior to the start of rulemaking. The proposed revisions incorporate changes made in 2020 to the Utah Safe Drinking Water Act by establishing procedures for issuing and enforcing Notices of Violation and Administrative Orders and for assessing Administrative Penalties. The proposed rule also lists the administrative penalty amounts authorized by the statute.

Because of the extensive revisions to R309-405 the Division will be proposing to repeal the current version of the rule and reenact a new version in its place. The Division will present the proposed revised rule to the Drinking Water Board at the January 12, 2020, meeting.

The current draft of R309-405 (160 KB) is available for informal review. Please submit comments by Sunday, December 20, 2020, to Mark Berger, DDW-Rules Section Manager, at If you have questions, he can be reached at (801) 641-6457.