Plan Review Program Tools


  1. Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Well—Plan Review Checklist
  2. Distribution System—Plan Review Checklist
  3. Minimum Separation Exception Request Checklist
  4. Inorganic/Organic Contaminant Treatment Plant—Plan Review Checklist
  5. Surface Water Treatment Plant—Plan Review Checklist
  6. Water Storage Tank—Plan Review Checklist



Chlorine Dose Calculator for Tanks and Pipelines

This tool is for estimating chemical quantity needed to disinfect tanks and pipelines. This Chlorine Dose Calculator spreadsheet allows the users to enter concentration and type of chlorine disinfectant, target chlorine dose, and dimensions of tank or pipeline (up to 10 vessels).

Disinfection CT Calculator

This tool is for estimating chlorine disinfection CT in tanks and pipelines. This Disinfection CT Calculator spreadsheet allows users to enter the residual concentration, flow condition, and dimensions of tanks or pipelines. This tool gives a rough estimate of disinfection CT. For detailed design, additional safety factors and other considerations may be needed.

Public Drinking Water System Capacity Calculations

The following spreadsheets can be used to estimate the minimum capacity requirements for public drinking water systems. The protected spreadsheet is in a format that protects the formulas and links, while the unprotected file is available for individual modifications. These spreadsheets allow the user to enter the number of connections, irrigation and fire flow demands, existing source or storage volume capacities, etc.

Public Drinking Water System Capacity Calculations—Examples

The following examples are capacity calculations for various water system types, including Community, Transient Non-Community (TNC), and Non-Transient Non-Community (NTNC) water systems.

Scenario 1—Fable Haven Town: Info Sheet | Calculations
Scenario 2—Copycat Company: Info Sheet | Calc1 | Calc2
Scenario 3—Papa Bubba Cafe: Info Sheet | Calc1 | Calc2
Scenario 4—Spirited Away Campground: Info Sheet | Calculations
Scenario 5—Fast and Furious Rest Stop: Info Sheet | Calc1 | Calc2
Scenario 6—Sunrise RV Park: Info Sheet | Calc1 | Calc2