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Sandy City Drinking Water Update

Glass of water. Is it half full?

DEQ’s Division of Drinking Water (DDW) continues to evaluate drinking-water sample results from Sandy City. DDW Director Marie Owens issued the following update on February 24, 2019.

“As of February 23. 2019, Sandy City has submitted over 50 lab reports to the Division of Drinking Water containing approximately 1,544 sample results collected from a combination of 1,509 homes and schools.

The Division has identified five homes that needed further monitoring and/or mitigation. Sandy City is working with the residents in each of the five homes and will conduct additional monitoring in those homes until results meet drinking water standards.


The fluoride concentrations in all recent Sandy City samples are below, and therefore in compliance with, the federal maximum contaminant level. Sandy City will continue to work directly with the Salt Lake County Health Department to comply with fluoride sampling and reporting requirements.


Initially, two homes located in Zone 1 demonstrated a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) exceedance for the following metals: arsenic, aluminum, and manganese. Sandy City worked with the residents of these homes to conduct flushing and re-sampling. Samples collected at these homes on February 21 and 22, 2019, demonstrate these metals have returned to compliance.

Lead and Copper

In the homes tested this past week, Sandy City’s water quality is currently meeting the requirements of the federal lead and copper regulations. However, sampling and analysis are not yet complete, and the Division continues to receive and review results.

In accordance with the Division’s requirements, Sandy City will continue to provide consumer notification to the resident of any home where a water sample exceeds a federal maximum  contaminant level and/or lead and copper action level and work to get the water in those homes into compliance with drinking water standards.”

Sandy City Residents

Sandy City residents can visit the Sandy City Public Utilities website for additional information, including:

  • Water sample test results by address (Note: Results take 4-5 days to process)
  • Map of returned sample results
  • Emergency Alert sign-up, including  Reverse 911 Sign Up and CityServe App

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