Utah Surface Water Systems Vulnerable to HABs

CountyPWS No.PWS NameSource ID1° Source2° SourceHAB Vulnerability
Carbon04007Price MunicipalWS004Price RiverScofield ReservoirVulnerable
Carbon04020Price River WIDWS001Price RiverScofield ReservoirVulnerable
Daggett05001Dutch John TownWS001Flaming Gorge ReservoirVulnerable
Duchesne07050Central Utah WCD – Duchesne ValleyWS001Starvation ReservoirVulnerable
Emery08004Ferron – Castle Valley SSDWS001Millsite IntakeVulnerable
Salt Lake18016Metropolitan Water Dist.WS001ADeer Creek ReservoirVulnerable
Uintah24038Central Utah WCD – Ashley ValleyWS001Red Fleet ReservoirVulnerable
Uintah24038Central Utah WCD – Ashley ValleyWS002Steinaker ReservoirVulnerable
Utah25112Central Utah WCD – Ashley ValleyWS001Provo RiverVulnerable
Washington27094Washington Co. WCD – Quail LakeWS002Sand Hollow ReservoirVulnerable
Weber29011Ogden CityWS001Pine View ReservoirVulnerable

Critical Waterbodies Most At-Risk to Harmful Algal Blooms

  • Deer Creek Reservoir
  • East Canyon Reservoir
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir
  • Gunlock Reservoir
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Lost Creek Reservoir
  • Lower Huntington Creek
  • Lower Provo River
  • Millsite Reservoir
  • Minersville Reservoir
  • Otter Creek Reservoir
  • Pineview Reservoir
  • Red Fleet Reservoir
  • Rockport Reservoir
  • Sand Hollow Reservoir
  • Scofield Reservoir
  • Starvation Reservoir
  • Steinaker Reservoir
  • Utah Lake
  • Wide Hollow Reservoir
  • Yuba Reservoir