Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program

Methamphetamine is a derivative of amphetamine and is a powerful stimulant that affects the brain and central nervous system. Methamphetamine can be easily produced in simple labs (clandestine drug labs) using readily available ingredients including over the counter drugs and household chemicals that are cooked to produce the drug.

In response to clandestine drug labs and the growing concern over the nature of potential health effects associated with residual methamphetamine in the environment, the Utah State Legislature passed the Illegal Drug Operations Site Reporting and Decontamination Act during the 2004 General Session. The Act was subsequently amended during the 2008 General Session to change the definition of contamination to include use, production or the presence of methamphetamine in excess of decontamination standards. In short, the law provides a mechanism for cleanup of contamination and certification by local health departments that a contaminated property has been cleaned up to established standards.


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For questions relating to sampling, meth lab cleanup, waste disposal and contractor certification, please contact the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation at (801) 536-4100.