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Lead-Based Paint Forms

  1. Abatement Project Notification: Lead-Based Paint

  2. Application for Course Accreditation: Lead-Based Paint

  3. Certification Application for Firms: Lead-Based Paint

  4. Certification Application for Individuals: Lead-Based Paint

  5. Citizenship Certification Form
    Proof of citizenship or legal residency status (i.e., drivers license, passport) must be attached. This form must be included with all initial certification applications for U.S. citizens (one time only). It must be included with all applications (including recertification) for all non-U.S. citizens with every certification application. Proof of resident alien status must be attached.

  6. Post-Training Course Notification: Lead-Based Paint

  7. Re-certification Applications for Individuals: Lead-Based Paint

  8. Training Course Notification: Lead-Based Paint