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Implementation of Work Processes:
Strategic Planning

The plan for Total Quality Management (TQM) within the Department of Environmental Quality was to move from the then-current values and practices to desired values and practices. TQM is based on the concept of customer satisfaction and that all work is a process that leads to an end. Work processes that are done by DEQ include:

  • Construction permits
  • Rules revisions
  • Plan development
  • Loan programs
  • Data collection
  • Database management
  • Public meetings
  • Outreach and public education
  • Compliance inspections
  • Penalty negotiations
  • EPA reporting

DEQ has developed a strategic plan with mission, vision, values. This strategic plan, with its long-range goals and objectives, is reviewed and reaffirmed annually as part of DEQ’s planning cycle. Annual goals and objectives are developed and adopted department-wide. Divisions and offices develop annual goals and objectives, addressing work processes and functions consistent with the department’s strategic goals and objectives, which are then translated into employee annual work plans. Work plans are implemented and reviewed throughout the year and culminate in annual employee evaluations.


Contact the DEQ Public Affairs Office (801) 536-4400 with questions or comments.